Cavuto: Greece's chickens coming home to roost

This shouldn't be Greek to us. This is the chickens coming home to roost for all of us. When "gimme" becomes "gotcha" and we're all Greeks bearing now un-affordable gifts.

Double the minimum wage, it's only right. Provide more generous paternity leave, it's only fair. Demand more vacation pay, it's only decent.

It is amazing the things some liberals love to do with other people's money. As long as it's not their money. As long as it's someone else's. As long as they can talk the talk but never have to soil themselves with walking it or God forbid, paying for it. That moment when governments have to give back because they don't have the money to pay up.

It's easy to do the big on someone else's dime, as long as you don't have to reach into your own pocket and come up with that dime. Just have a rich guy do it or someone other than you do it. Then who wouldn't be for it?

Who wouldn't be for doubling hourly workers' pay? Who wouldn't be for paying pretty much everyone overtime pay? Who wouldn't be for more vacation time or sick time? Who wouldn't be for less time at work and more time at home? Who wouldn't be for all those benefits as long as they didn't have to pick up the tab? Who wouldn't open his heart, as long as he didn't have to open his wallet? Who wouldn't want nirvana as long as it cost them nothing?

My friends, we live in a world where the noble goals are many but the precious dollars to pay for them are few. Where we continue strategically investing money we don't have on cradle-to-grave comforts we are told all "should" have. As long as "all" don't get the bill -- only some.

Who wouldn't be for that? Except maybe those saps paying for that? Then again, we don't much like those saps, do we? Most are rich and can afford it -- time they quit whining and just do it. Pay their "fair share" even as the folks pushing them to do so aren't paying any share -- for anything.

Not sharing, only getting. Not giving, only gouging. Not practicing, only preaching.

That's what's hitting the Greeks now. Something called "reality" now. That moment you realize you've run out of fat cats and now everyone's staring at a fat check. Fat chance a liberal will tell you that. Fat chance this fat anchor will let them get away with that.

That's the thing about big fat Greek weddings: Fat chance they only happen in Greece.