Cavuto: Greece Has to Fix Itself

Say it ain't so, Joe.

Say you didn't say to the Greek president, that we are ready to stand beside all Greeks.

Because that's all Greek to American taxpayers...

Many of whom have seen the systematic un-doing of one socialist cradle-to-grave European basket case after another and rightly concluded...

So many olives...So many pits.

Because when I hear Joe say we're standing ready to help, the Greeks are hearing we're standing ready...

With money to spend.

News flash.

We're not.

Mainly because we're spent.

Maybe vice president Joe Biden was being nice.

But right about now, the Greeks are pretty desperate.

And when Joe offers support, who can blame a wobbly Greek prime minister to claim, as he did, that means American financial support?

Because beware Greeks bearing gifts they don't have...

They're saddling you with the bills they're telling you they cannot pay.

I'm not saying Joe shouldn't be friendly...

But Joe should be careful.

Because Greece has got to fix itself.

We're already in a big fix ourselves.

That doesn't mean we don't marvel at the cradle of civilization.

We just politely remind the country that is that we're in no rush to make America the latest "grave" of civilization.

Few civilizations have fared long paying for empires they could not afford...

Let alone building others for which they shouldn't have even tried.

Because great empires don't die because they run out of ideas.

Usually, great empires die because they just....

Run out of cash.