Cavuto: Greatest Generation Is Not Gone

I know it's very easy to get jaded these days.

Maybe even bummed out about humanity and our very future on this planet these days.

And maybe, right now, 10 years out after 9/11, a sense of what we were…we no longer are these days.

Greatness recalled. Then recoiled.

Then something like "this" happens…

A crowd rushing to vehicles on flames in Utah.

But then they discover there's a guy trapped beneath those flames.

A motorcyclist wedged under a car now burning out of control.

They could have called 9-1-1, but they didn't.

They take matters into their own hands…and lift the car and pull the unconscious cyclist to safety.

We're told the cyclist, 21-year-old Brandon Wright, is in stable condition and expected to recover.

The local police chief Jeff Curtis credits the crowd of ‘Good Samaritans’ for that.

He called them heroes.

The one or two I saw quoted simply said they were doing what anyone would do.

Maybe so.

But here's what's definitely so…

There's still a lot of good in a lot of us.

And maybe after seeing so much sadness at ground zero these past few days…I had forgotten that…

…the timelessness of the simple decency in all of us.

Ordinary people who responded to a crisis in an extraordinary way.

Like these people in Utah.

Proof…that while the greatest generation is going...

They're not gone.

Take a look at these folks.

Look familiar? They're the greatest generation's kids, and grand-kids.

Their DNA.

Our DNA.

Life is still good.

We're still good.