Cavuto: Economy's Not Producing Jobs

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: Sometimes I think we live in an alternate universe.

The economy's not producing jobs…so we go right back to the very policies that have not produced jobs.

And that's okay.

A U.S. congressman caught quite literally with his pants down online, and now I’m hearing folks say his political future "hasn't" been off-lined.

And that's okay.

Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer can lecture Republicans about getting a grip on spending, but with a straight face, say leave Medicare out of it.

And that's okay.

Or an internet radio company called Pandora Media, that has yet to make a buck, can debut with a market cap north of "two-and-a-half billion bucks."

And it's more than okay.

Profits don't matter.

Results don't matter.

Past failures don't matter.

Huge indiscretions apparently don't matter.

You're still viable, even though you're a fool.

You draw foolish investors, even though your business plan is not viable.

On Wall Street, they call it investing on promise and potential.

...forgetting little details like profits and results.

I don't know, but it's weird.

Rewarding those who have as yet to prove themselves worthy…

And refusing to punish those who sadly have proven themselves unworthy.

No time for the crime.

No diss for those who miss.

I guess it's fitting that a company called "Pandora" thrives at a time Washington’s got us all in a box.

But who's a bouncy tune I’m told.

Even as we continue...bouncing checks.