Cavuto: Don't expect Donald Trump to waste his shot

Anyone see "Hamilton," the Broadway show? I highly recommend it if you're ever visiting New York City and you can actually land tickets. It's about Alexander Hamilton -- our Founding Economic Father as I like to call him -- and one of the rap musical's best moments is when a young Hamilton seizes on an opportunity to change the world -- and not incidentally, advance his own career -- when he says, "I am not throwing away my shot."

Well, one week after the most stunning upset in American political history, I suspect Donald Trump isn't about to throw away his shot to change the world and make history.

This isn't about draining a swamp. This is about fulfilling a dream. This is his one shot. This is Republicans' one shot. This is political revolutionaries' one shot to change the world, not just go along with the world.

Don't miss it. Don't waste it.

I'm already getting worried when I hear those in power dismissing it. Like when President Obama told reporters he thinks Donald Trump isn't ideological, he's pragmatic. What he's saying -- what he's hoping -- is that the restless and shoot-from-the-hip Trump will dial it back and see that governing is a lot different than campaigning. That he'll wake up and tone the dream down.

I've seen it before. That's what happens when grassroot causes try to take root in Washington. They die on the vine. It's like the Capitol is this great big vacuum cleaner that sucks the life out of you. The passion out of you. It takes the macadamia nut in you and makes vanilla out of you. It dulls you. It numbs you. It neuters you.

Donald Trump hardly needs my advice, but if I may, Mr. President-elect, don't let it happen to you. Don't let them suck the crazy -- good crazy -- out of you. Don't let them chase the bull in the china shop out of you. It's time to change the world, not let the world change you, or slow you, or numb you, or stop you.

Look at the Tea Party: Dozens of rowdy and rebellious souls who came to Washington to rip the status quo from its roots, only to become beaten down by a Washington that sucked the very soul from their being. That's what Washington does to you. It saps your soul. It turns "going for broke," into "just getting along." It takes colossal and turns it into collegial. "Steady as she goes" over "swinging for the fences."

I worry when that happens. When restless spirits are quieted by an institution that will not change and will not budge. Even a CNN pundit can figure out voters are restless for change. Those voters didn't bring a developer to Washington to admire the marble, but to shake the place to its core.

They've given him his shot. I sure hope Donald Trump takes it.