Cavuto: Do as you say, say as you do

Do as you say.

Say as you do.

I really think that's the essence of getting "ahead in life."

"Doing" what you say you're going to "do in life."

It sounds simple.

But it must be awfully hard…because so few do it.

The contractor who says he'll come by at two, but doesn't show up until four, if he shows up, at all!!

The salesman who promises he'll get right back to you on that problem, but never does.

The manager who vows never to leave you wondering, but always does.

The cable company that insists it wants your feedback, but when you feed it to them, they don't get back.

The guy who sold you a lemon and is now hiding.

The concierge who promised you a prompt response but ain't calling.

I could go on. But you get my point.

We live in a day and an age where talk is cheap, and delivering on that talk is even cheaper.

My now departed mom used to tell me, "Son, remember half the challenge in life is just showing up."

My much more frank Italian dad would add, "And the other half is not screwing up."

Both were right.

Maybe it's the holiday season. Maybe it's the rush.

But it's as if our whole human species is now...spacey.

So overwhelmed, they've become...underwhelming.

I'm pretty sure this is how Rome looked in its final days.

Service stunk. I bet'ya! Forget about it!!

But I tell you what "I" don't forget.

The guy who "does" get back.

The salesman who "does" checks up.

The cable company that does what it says and comes out when it promises.

Ok, that last one simply doesn't happen. Forget that. What "is" it with some of "those" guys who not only don't show up they're running commercials touting great service "as" they're not showing up!!

Maybe because of lousy service, I'm grateful for anyone offering "anything" approaching service.

That's why I'm always impressed by the car salesman who checked in with me after i bought a vehicle. It's true. It happened. I almost fainted.

Or the doctor who marked me down for a 10 a.m. appointment, and guess what? He saw me at 10 a.m.!

Simple stuff. Important stuff.

I know a producer like that. She's easily the busiest person in the room, yet she happily and seamlessly takes on every task. Every time. And gets it done. All the time.

...not with an attitude, like, "oh no."

More like "gung-ho."

You know, my mom "and" dad were right.

Get the little things right, and you'll soon be counted on to get the big things right as well.

Because you're reliable. You care.

It's not something you promise.

It's just are.