Cavuto: Dems should let the NBA 'deal' with Sterling

Two hours.

That's about how long it took some congressional Democrats to insert themselves in this whole Donald Sterling mess.

That's gotta be a record.

No sooner had the NBA given the LA clippers owner the heave-ho, then these show-boats were demanding tougher action.

Never mind Congress has no authority here, they're demanding more authority for the NBA now.

Say fines should be tougher and owners should be allowed to pounce on racially insensitive behavior sooner.

Maybe it's just me, but I have a message for these democrats.

Let the NBA deal with the bouncing balls. How about you deal with the bouncing checks?

Because you have far bigger issues on your plate than deciding whether a team owner can play.

And by the way, that 2 and a half million dollar fine you call measly?

It's about what you're adding to our debt every minute.

So cool it.

Because you're the ones who should be fined for offensive behavior.

Donald Sterling said a lot of awful stuff.

But you guys have left us in an awful mess.

He leaves a team worth a fortune.

You've left us without a pot to you-know-what-in.

So why don't you quit coaching from the sidelines, and focus on our bottom line.

Stop the waste. Stop the nonsense. Stop promising we can keep our doctor when you know we can't. And saying this recovery is great, when you know it's not.

Let the commissioners do their job.

And how about you, just focus on doing yours?