Cavuto: Democrats too quick to call Republicans racist?

For Democrats, it's the gift that keeps giving.

If all else fails, just call Republicans racists for obstructing.

Harry Reid himself trotting out the "r-word" for a party, he says, has done all it can to stop Barack Obama at every pass.

Harry, really?

Are you serious? Are you still doing this?

50 years after Martin Luther King's speech on the Washington Mall, you're still shopping this backwards bigotry on the American public?

Maybe you're the one too busy concentrating on the color of the president's skin

And not the content of his legislation. Your legislation.

Legislation, now even die-hard Democratic supporters are dying to undo.

Like unions, who've had it with healthcare law provisions they now call onerous.

Does that make them racists?

Or maybe, just you, clueless?

Or environmentalists who promise to give the president hell if he backs down on Keystone, stone-cold bigots?

And those unions who support Keystone, conflicted bigots?

Me? I've had enough of it.

Each has their reason for thinking what they do. But I don't think the president's color colors what they want.

Surely, we've moved beyond this.

So maybe it's time Democratic leaders should take the time to get just this:

Those who oppose an agenda of spending are more worried about spending too much green, than fearing the guy pushing that spending is black.

It just strikes me as odd that a politician would sooner race to a microphone and shout the "r-word," than ever stop and look in the mirror, and get a clue.

Because my problem isn't with the color of a politician's skin.

My problem is much more often, with the thickness of it.