Cavuto: D.C. Has Us in the Weeds

Leave it to a fertilizer CEO to call Washington on spreading stuff around.

Who would know better than the head of lawn service giant Scotts to see Washington’s getting us all caught in the weeds.

Scott’s Miracle-Gro's go-to guy saying he's had it with these guys.

Not behind their backs.

In the case of CEO Jim Hagedorn, in house budget chief Paul Ryan’s face.

I'm telling you this thing's gonna go viral.

And it should.

A CEO at wits' end because these Washington guys roots are dead as dirt.

No guts. No glory. No green.

And now hoping that maybe after next year's election, a fresh start for a fresh lawn.

To a clearly exasperated Scotts CEO to say...fat chance.

A job creator who sees few jobs being cultivated.

And a nation thirsting for leadership getting remotely watered.

No wonder the Scotts guy is ticked. He sees the ticks.

And he knows the way Washington’s going...

Their grass.