Cavuto: Corporations are people, plenty of people

So if corporations aren't people

When we rescued GM, we rescued what, cars?

How stupid does this argument get?

Of course, corporations are people.

The one I work for has plenty of 'em. You're looking at one of 'em.

Yours too, I suspect.

No, what makes this anti-business rhetoric so dangerous isn't just its idiocy, but its arrogance.

Because I don't remember during the auto bailouts, any of the guys pushing for 'em...

Saying we were saving cars.


They said we were saving the folks building those cars.

At least I hope we were

Escalades with money falling over 'em

Because wouldn't that be a killer if it turns out we spent100 billion bucks saving some over-priced Escalades?

No, they didn't bill it that way then.

So enough of this talk now

Selectively picking and choosing those companies you think are worthy of praise, and those you think are not.

Green companies are good.

Oil companies are not.

I suspect that's because green companies are run by people trying to do some good.

And oil companies are, what...greedy ocean drilling rigs guided by filthy profits doing no one any good.

Leaving aside oil companies' taxes seem to do a lot of good.

And a lot of green companies failing one after the other just leaves taxpayers with a big old bill.

Where is all this silliness going?

That's my point. This whole stupid class warfare on what corporations are has no point.

Corporations are people.

Run by people, employed by people, invested in by people.

Some are good people. Some are bad people. Some are clueless people.

But they're all people. People like us. Rescued by us.

Machines didn't make them what they are.

Their workers did. Their management did.

All of them. People.

All of this "not people" poppycock.