Cavuto: Christie scandal is bigger than some pundits say

Tip O'Neill famously once said, "all politics is local."

Man, was the former House Speaker ever right.

And man, doesn't Chris Christie know it.

He's in a heap of hurt because some think he, or at least his people, deliberately hurt New Jersey commuters to settle a political score.

And they did it in a way any driver, anywhere would find beyond despicable.

They deliberately created traffic jams.

And where I come from, folks that is a cardinal sin.

Because traffic is a way of life around New York City and all New Jersey points going in or out.

News some pinhead politicians intentionally made it worse?

The worst!

That's why Christie supporters might go slow trying to minimize this thing.

In New Jersey, it's a big thing.

People stewing in their cars for what turns out to be a political vendetta. That's a really big thing.

And whether the governor had anything to do with it doesn't mean a thing.

Frankly, I don't think he did.

But I also don't think he can undo the damage his people did.

They made some New Jersey commuters feel like clowns.

Duped clowns.

Stuck in traffic and stewing for four hours clowns.

And let me tell you something about folks from Jersey and I know because I'm from Jersey.

Do we look like clowns?

We don't like feeling like clowns.

And we are not amused being played for clowns.

We hear about Tea Partiers being targeted by the IRS, and it offends us.

Hear about the Justice Department targeting reporters and it bothers us.

But screwing up traffic patterns and making our hellish commute even more hellish?

Now you've infuriated us!

That's why this thing is bigger than some pundits say.

And an apology, however well-intended, doesn't just make it go away.

It hits home. It hits us.

It sticks in our gut every bit as much it sticks us in our cars for hours.

Trust me, this is no Benghazi. And even comparing it to the president's disastrous healthcare rollout makes me sick.

But it does feed a sneaking suspicion drivers of all political persuasions have long had those damn politicians don't give a damn about us.

Because it doesn't much matter whether they're throwing granny off a cliff.

Or millions of us off our health insurance plans.

Or thousands of us into traffic jams from hell.

We're the ones stuck on that bridge to nowhere.

And it's driving us nuts!

Because we're the ones always getting zoomed.

Long after they've finished their press conferences.

And just left the room.