Cavuto: Budget Cuts Amount to Nothing

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: A big turkey. A teeny wing. And all because I had a bone to pick...

With Washington.

The cuts they're proposing in this turkey of a budget wouldn't amount to half a wing…

Which tells me…we're all stuffed.

Steve in Corpus Christi, Texas, puts it another way…

"… You should have said that we are plucked!"

David in Naples, Florida.

"Your turkey as the budget and bit of chicken wing as the proposed cuts is an outstanding analogy...well done."

Well, thank you for that!

Pappy emails.

"Neil, it is really hard to soar with eagles when we are led by a bunch of turkeys!!!"

Richard in Memphis.

"Neil…the government expects us to gobble down everything they hand out. I am glad your turkey segment did not lay an egg…that would have been a shell of a way to begin the week."

Alright, calm down.

Then this Fox e-mail alert warning from Pam in Kansas…who wouldn't stop emailing me yesterday. In fact as I was doing this she wrote.

"Salmonella is on that turkey from the juice/blood that may or may not have leaked!! You are spreading it to everything you touch!

"…Wash or disinfect your hands now!! Neil, wash your hands now!! That is all…carry on (after you have washed your hands)."

Dually noted.

Jim in California.

"…the cuts they are talking about making in Washington are pretty 'poultry'."

Bud in Tennessee.

"Do I dare suggest their proposed cuts are 'chicken feed'?"

Israel in Wesley Hills, New York.

"The turkey you used is kosher. There is nothing kosher about the budget in Washington."

And then Pam back at me in Kansas writes again.

"You touched it again!! No!! Please wash your hands and everything on your desk!!"

Well she cares. Pam I appreciate that.

Maureen T. in Missouri.

"Neil, why did the chicken cross the road? We don't know because it will take 10 or 12 years!!"

I had no idea why I used that email, I just found it funny.

Ken via Hotmail.

"Glenn Beck always used a cake. I know why you didn't use a cake. Because it would not make it through your demonstration."

You're right, Ken. Because before the turkey, we did have a cake and Glenn ate it.