Cavuto: Beware betting before anyone gets going

I don't know if Jeb Bush pulls off this Republican presidential nomination.

But it sure seems like the GOP money guys are betting he will.

In fact, they're putting their money on it.

Which is weird, considering not a single candidate has announced, and the first primary is still a year away.

No matter among party mainstreamers, at least, Jeb's like the winner on ‘Survivor.' And he hasn't even had to march into the jungle, or so much as change out of his suit.

Think about it -- Mitt Romney's out.

And thanks to a judge ordering him to make good on a $1.5 billion state pension fund payment, Chris Christie's looking down and out.

Which leaves Jeb, happy to fill the vacuum, and have donors fill his coiffures.

No less than the New York Times seems to scream Jeb is all but the Republican nominee.

That's what money gets you, that's what preventing a lot of your rivals from getting that money gets you too.

A sense of inevitability.

That the smart money is on you. And all those other guys are going to have a devil of a time beating you.

Maybe. But not always.

Remember Phil Gramm?

Back in 1996, the Texas Republican senator had raised an unprecedented $8 million, what he famously called, "the mother's milk of politics." but it all still soured on him.

Just like another Texas senator named Lyndon Johnson.

Back in 1960, he had the money, the endorsements, and much of the Democratic party establishment, until a lightly regarded young colleague named John Kennedy, had something else votes.

Just like Ed Muskie was the Democrats' it guy in 1972, until he wasn't,

Or four years later, Jimmy Carter wasn't on any Democrat's radar, until he was.

At this stage 8 years ago, it was Hillary Clinton's race to lose and she did.

Just like 8 years prior, her husband Bill couldn't win, but he did.

I could go on, but I bet you get where I'm going.

Before betting on anyone understand that it's not always a guarantee.

Cash is nice, but it doesn't always make you king.

Take it from Mr. Mother's milk.

You can still get creamed.