Cavuto: Be careful about sure bets

Hey, Republicans, you want to know how you get back on top?

Look Down Under.

Because an Australian by the name of Tony Abbott is about to become that country's next prime minister.

And he just offered you a blueprint for erasing all those blues, or at least all those blue states.

Act like the conservatives you are, and don't give a damn about the media darlings you will never be.

That pretty much sums up how this right-wing Ronald Reagan throwback threw the political establishment in Australia on its head.

And here's how Tony did it.

He didn't give a lick what the press said about him as he was doing it.

Because not since Reagan in this country, has a conservative been so collectively dismissed by the mainstream crowd in his country.

Maybe it was because Tony Abbot said impolitic things like dare questioning man-made global warming, and the expensive cap-and-trade emissions tax scheme that the Australian government had thrust on businesses to fix it.

Maybe it was because Tony, a former Catholic seminarian, dared to speak out against abortion. And then seemed to double-down, when he similarly challenged same-sex marriages.

No wonder the Australian press likened this Abbott to Bud Abbott; good for a laugh, but not much good for anything else.

Especially when this Abbott dared to question what he called Australia's apology parade for centuries-old slights to either indigenous Australians or waves of illegal immigrants trying to become Australians.

They called Abbott heartless. He called them clueless.

And offered the country's soaring deficits as costly proof.

Bottom line, Tony Abbott offered voters in Australia a stark choice.

More of the same. Or something completely different.

They went for completely different and handed Tony a landslide.

And as Australian editor Tom Switzer writes in today's Wall Street Journal all this only six years after conservatives were supposedly doomed to being an opposition party for a generation, or more.

Funny thing, media predictions.

Funnier thing, those who believe them.

I'm told that the incumbent party prayed they would have Tony Abbott as their fall guy, so they could wipe the floor with him.

Just like Jimmy Carter's folks dearly wanted Ronald Reagan to be their opponent in 1980, so there'd be no stopping them.

Until they were stopped.

So be careful about sure bets.

And Republicans, be careful about being too careful.

Maybe the secret to your success lies not in finding what's safe.

Maybe the secret to your success lies in simply finding your soul.