Cavuto: Barack Obama is doubling down on dumb

I told you the president would change direction after the midterms.

He's charging, all right, just like i said.

Unfortunately, it's to the left.

The hard left.

Forget about making nice with the right, Barack Obama is doubling down on dumb.

I'm not saying he is dumb just that what he's doing is dumb.

Blowing a golden opportunity to make these next two years consequential.

And now all but guaranteeing they'll be nonsensical.

Let me count the ways.

Hooking up with Al Sharpton as his Ambassador of Domestic Peace.

Making his outgoing attorney general his Ferguson fire re-starter.

Caving to environmentalists who don't ever want to see Keystone.

Even if it means sticking a finger at unions who very much wanted the jobs they saw in Keystone.

Alienating defense secretaries who don't see his point of view.

Targeting the rich who still apparently paying enough.

And just today, going after the job creators why redefining who qualifies for overtime.

All this in current time.

In unreal time.

A president making a hard-left after an election that saw the Senate make a hard right.

It's amazing.

Not so much that the president won't bend, but that he'd try so hard to bend the other way.

Not as Americans voted, but as he preferred they voted.

It's amazing to me that this president who argued after his own victories that elections have consequences.

Has said nothing of this latest electoral repudiation that apparently has no consequences.

It's one thing to keep spending money we don't have. Nothing new.

It's another to cross another trillion dollar mark on the debt. Nothing new.

It's still another to ignore all these scary fiscal development and stay this Titanic's course.

We're in deep ship, my friends.