Cavuto: America is Greece without the olives

So grateful. For so little.

It says so much when we settle for gains that are so paltry.

It happened again today.

Existing home sales pick up 4.3 percent in January, and the media runs with it.

News wire services pouncing on it...proof of a recovery that can't be ignored.

Even though it’s very consistency certainly can be challenged.

This housing news...a good example.

Focusing on that four-plus percent January rise, but ignoring the fact revised sales declined five percent the month before.

Retail sales a fraction of what they should be.

Factory orders but a percentage of what they could be.

A market jumping. But not to "new" highs. Simply revisiting four-year-old highs.

Such is our world when such is the stuff in which we find solace.

Where we look at a growth rate of two percent and say, "well, it could be worse."

Or a nearly 8 and half percent unemployment rate and say, "well, it certainly "was" worse."

How is it, "less bad" is the new "better"?

Because last time I checked, it's bad to be looking at an unemployment rate north of eight percent at this stage in a recovery.

Bad to crow about 200,000 plus new jobs in a month, when we should be seeing triple that at this stage in a recovery.

Bad to look at nearly four dollar gas, because at least it's not "at" four-dollar gas.

My god, what's happened to us? Have we been beaten down so long, that we've had our senses beaten out of us as well?

...where we "welcome" smaller deficits under one and a half trillion dollars and call it progress.

...and celebrate cutting four trillion dollars off our national debt "on paper" and over the next decade, and forget we're still "adding" five trillion dollars to that debt over the same decade.

Cuts that aren't cuts.

Resolve that isn't resolve.

Improvement that's hardly improvement.

It's a sorry state when we lose our compass.

And any sense of the truth.

This isn't a red and blue issue.

This is a green issue.

We're not making it.

We're not saving it.

We're not producing it.

We are Greece. Without the olives.

But...all the pits.