Candy Sales Are Surging During Recession

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, you know, there is a sweet spot in all the who had what money and when and recession and how bad is it. Candy sales, they are surging, despite all these tough economic times.

My next guest knows it.

Joining me now is Dylan Lauren, the founder and the CEO of Dylan's Candy Bar. It's the world's largest candy store. And, by the way, she is the daughter of that guy named Ralph Lauren, whatever, fashion.

Good to have you.

DYLAN LAUREN, CEO, DYLAN'S CANDY BAR: Thank you. Nice to be here.

CAVUTO: What got you started on this? Candy is big. I did not know how big until I was reading the numbers.


You know, I — I started — I opened Dylan's Candy Bar, right after September 11, actually. And it was a great time, actually, because people were looking for a happy place and a place for comfort food. And I just — I love candy. So, it has always been a passion of mine.

CAVUTO: You're eating it?

LAUREN: Definitely.

CAVUTO: There's no way you...


LAUREN: In moderation, I like a little activity.

CAVUTO: Please.



CAVUTO: Now, your East Side store in Manhattan, that is like a tourist center now.


CAVUTO: And it is apparently the largest candy store anywhere.

LAUREN: In May, we added a third floor. And it has a party room for kids and adults, with candy martinis, and little candy cocktails. And there's candy jewelry, candy spa...


CAVUTO: So, the party room, is it just for kids, or...

LAUREN: No. We just had a 60th birthday. We had a 75th birthday.

CAVUTO: What do they do? They're all munching on the candy?

LAUREN: You know, we do candy activities. Someone did licorice limbo. There's blowing gum contests.

CAVUTO: Licorice limbo?

LAUREN: Yes. Yes. And they...


CAVUTO: Whatever happens in your candy store stays in your candy store.


CAVUTO: So, this being Easter and all, I imagine your sales are perking up a little bit, right?

LAUREN: Yes, definitely, Easter and Passover are big candy times of the year.

In fact, the sales are like Christmas right now. I don't know if it is the nice weather and people are just stopping in, but...



But you would think that's a bit of an extravagance. You would think, in a recession or a tough time, people would cut back. But quite the opposite, right?

LAUREN: Yes. People will say candy is recession-proof, and we're definitely seeing nostalgic candies coming about, and people want that sugar rush and that nostalgic happiness, like their childhood times. So...

CAVUTO: So, big — I was reading big sales for meat loaf.


LAUREN: Really?



CAVUTO: That's a big comfort food.

LAUREN: Well, sugar and chocolate, anything that boosts your serotonin levels, is something people, I think, crave. And, you know, it's colorful...


CAVUTO: What does your dad think of this? I know he was early on into it, but he had the idea that he wanted to make the motif of all your stores very old-fashioned, kind of the old soda fountain shops. And you said, "No, dad."

LAUREN: Well, I think, you know, both my parents grew up in the '50s and '60s, when there were a lot of diners and soda fountains.

CAVUTO: Right.

LAUREN: And I think most people thought, oh, cute, candy store. It would be kind like this diner, kind of old-school place.

But I wanted a very modern, like Willy Wonka style and everything...


CAVUTO: Well, you proved dad wrong. And you're right. You have a $20 million business.

LAUREN: Well, they have been very, very helpful in lending ideals for retail entertainment.

So, it's a little merge of everything. I mean, there's definitely that nostalgic section, but there's a lot of, like, hip, cool, modern, today candy in there.

CAVUTO: So, that's the — maybe if times get better, are you worried that sales cut back?


LAUREN: I think people always want candy, whether you're a kid or an adult. So...

CAVUTO: Right.

I notice our crew is salivating looking at this candy.

LAUREN: We have got candy for you.


CAVUTO: But, guys, it is closer to me.


LAUREN: It's a giant chocolate bar you.

CAVUTO: Exactly.

LAUREN: It's Friday. You deserve a sugar...


CAVUTO: All right, Dylan Lauren, thank you very, very much.

LAUREN: Thank you. Thank you.

CAVUTO: Great seeing you.

LAUREN: Nice to see you, too.

CAVUTO: My best to your family.

LAUREN: Thank you.

CAVUTO: All right.

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