Calling People Names

Did you know that I, your humble correspondent, call somebody a name every 6.8 seconds during my T-Points presentation each evening? Did you know that?! That's awful. I should be ashamed. I denigrate somebody nine times every minute. How could I?

That astounding analysis, if you want to call it that, comes from threeIndiana University researchers. I'm sure they're excellent folks.

But somehow, some way their research wound up in the hands of Media Matters, the smear internet site partly funded by enterprises connected to George Soros.

And guess what? Media Matters issued a press release about the terrible "Talking Points Memos." What the press release did not say however is that the Indiana researchers consider pretty much every description to be name calling. Quoting from the study, "The terms 'conservative,' 'liberal,' 'left,' 'right,' 'progressive,' 'traditional' or 'centrist' were treated as name calling if they were associated with a problem or social ill." Ah ha!

Now here's the back story: Last week we showed you this chart detailing where far left billionaire George Soros contributes money and how his propaganda machine works its way through the internet and into the mainstream media.

Soros and his gang were furious with that exposition. So we knew blow back was coming. Thus the Indiana Media Matters nonsense. By the way, did you know that Soros's Open Society Institute donated $5 million to Indiana University?

I'm also sure that was just a coincidence. Also sure that Soros is very disappointed he didn't get more bang for the buck this time around.

Most of the committed left press didn't mention the nutty Indiana paper, only those truly bought and paid for elements at NBC News and Rosie O'Donnell spit it out there:


ROSIE O'DONNELL: Go ahead Behar, what do you got?

JOY BEHAR: I said do you want to have a fight with O'Reilly because he calls people names every 6.8 seconds apparently. Bill O'Reilly on his show.

O'DONNELL: Yeah, there was an article in the paper, he insults someone or calls someone a name every 6.8 seconds.



The problem is Rosie that no newspaper we could find printed that propaganda. You and Behar got it from Media Matters, your daily source of deception.

So once again it's beyond a reasonable doubt that the radical left Soros has built a very smooth propaganda machine that has direct access to both the ABC and NBC television networks. Think about that. That is power.

Finally, let's add up the name calling tonight: Let's see there was "humble correspondent," "smear sites," "radical left," "committed left," "nutty," "deception," "Behar" and "Rosie." Wait --the last two were real names, so that's only six examples of name calling in three minutes.-- Far below my average. I must be slipping.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

The Queen of England, Elizabeth II has arrived in Virginia to mark the founding of the first English settlement in the new world, Jamestown, 400 years ago.

Now I like the Queen. I think the Queen has dignity, she's going to meet some of the Virginia Tech families and students while she's in the Commonwealth.

And I'm glad Virginia is getting some good press. They've had a real tough time over the last month. And there she is:


She does not, by the way, travel with her own toilet seat. That is not true. However they say Prince Charles does.

I don't want to get really into it, but I'm trying to -- not ridiculous, I'm happy, the colonists won, but we welcome Queen Elizabeth.