California's Shame

There are a lot of politicians arguing that what is going on in California right now, with yet another court weighing in on what an earlier court decided, is a sham. I disagree. The sham is what created this mess.

A $38 billion dollar deficit, that's a sham.

State bonds that trade like junk bonds, that's a sham.

Over-taxed citizens and businesses poised to be even taxed more, that's a sham.

Critics of a recall of a Democratic governor, who didn't say boo when they were doing the same with a Republican governor, that's a sham.

Arguing for delaying an election because of bad punch-ballots when the same exact damn ballots were in force last year when their governor was re-elected, that's a sham.

And politicians who express outrage at this sham when they created this sham, well, "they're" a sham.

Now I know there are those who say recall elections steal voters' rights. I say, voters put recall laws in place there, let them decide there. If they find this whole process so patently offensive, they'll reject the recall and life will go on.

That's their call. Not yours. Not ours.

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