Cain Calls Garofalo Attack 'Pathetic and Hilarious'

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HANNITY: Far left liberal loon Janeane Garofalo may have found a new conservative target. But this time, it's not his politics that bother her as much as his color. In case you missed her ridiculous racial rant last week, here is a quick reminder.


JANEANE GAROFALO, STAND-UP COMEDIAN: Herman Cain, I feel like is being paid by somebody to be involved and to run for president so that you go, look, they can't be racist, it is a black guy, it's a black guy asking for Obama to be impeached.

KEITH OLBERMANN, HOST: Would that be separate of his delusions of grandeur or would they just taking advantage of it?

GAROFALO: It's a businessman.

OLBERMANN: It's a businessman ultimately.

GAROFALO: Yes. And what repays him and he may have a touch of Stockholm syndrome.


HANNITY: All right. Because clearly if someone is both black and conservative, there must be a psychological explanation for this.

Now meanwhile Garofalo was actually right about one thing, Cain is calling for President Obama to possibly be impeached or at the very least investigated for his decision to stop defending the defense of marriage act, and that's the federal government's ban on gay marriage.

Joining me now for more on all of this, the man himself, former CEO of Godfather's Pizza and he's a presidential candidate, Herman Cain. Mr. Cain, sir, welcome back.


Look, if Janeane Garofalo and these other loonies believe I'm being paid would she send me the number because whoever supposed to be paying me, they are behind on their payments, OK? And as far as Olbermann talking about, you know, delusions of grandeur. Sean, you know this, I know this and most correct-thinking conservatives know this. When all else fails, the liberals either call you names or they attack your personality. I find it pathetic and hilarious that she is now resorting to this because what that means Sean is, they are really concerned that I'm a threat to their beloved Barack Obama.

HANNITY: But this is not a rare occurrence. This is very common. You know, look, I can give you the list of names. You know what they are. I don't think it is worthy of bringing up on the program that conservative African-Americans around the country are called on a regular basis. Now, I brought this up earlier. You know, you have the Tea Party referred to by Maxine -- they can go straight to hell. Whatever happened to the new tone? Why is it that there seems to be Tea Party candidates, conservative African- Americans. We are not allowed to call any other group of people names, except them. They seem to be two exceptions. Why does the exemption exist?

CAIN: It exists because the liberals, including the president, the Democrats, they like a double standard. The president was the one who called for a new era of civility. And now look at what they are doing. You are absolutely right. It is a double standard, because the Democrats nor the president have any positive results to run on. The American people want results. And all they can do is name-call. Their only weapon is to try and demean the Tea Party movement, call them names. Didn't Joe Biden also say that we were a bunch of terrorists? Look, they are so out of touch with the American people and it is starting to show. That's all it is, Sean.

HANNITY: Yes. You know, one of the sad things is that, you know, look at the lack of results in the country. Rather than focusing on the failure, the administration, the numbers of people that are out of work and looking for jobs and people's homes that are underwater, et cetera. We have Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States going over, lecturing China, don't count out U.S. strength. And then seemingly, according to one article, that I saw, I think it was Kathryn Lopez on National Review Online, pointing out that Joe Biden said, well, your policy has been one I fully understand. I'm not second guessing one child per family.

Are we so beholden now to the Chinese and our debt that we can't even take a moral stand against this policy, this insane policy of the communist Chinese?

CAIN: Because this nation has allowed the debt, the national debt to get as high as it is, this administration, as you know, accelerate the growth of this debt. It didn't just start but they accelerated the growth of the debt. Now, quite frankly, China and the other countries have the United States over a barrel. The thing that keeps Tim Geithner awake at night, in my estimation is the idea that they might try to sell some treasury notes and the Chinese and the Indians and anybody else won't buy them. Then we'd be in a big pickle. This is why Joe is over there trying to make nice and nice. He doesn't want them to say we are going to stop buying your debt.

But the danger here Sean, is that they might stop buying our debt which is why we have got to super charge the growth of this economy. Which is why I released this last Thursday, my plan for economic growth. I'm offering it to the president. And people who want to read about my 999 plan can read about it at where I basically lay it out and I invite the president, I invite the Congress and the Super Committee. Use my plan if you want to. Because America can't keep waiting. What Joe Biden did going to China, trying to play nice and nice is just trying to cover up the fact the economy is suffering.

HANNITY: Let me ask you about Qaddafi. I was thinking about this earlier today, does the president now agree with the preemption policy of George W. Bush? Or does he agree with Colin Powell who said if you break it, you buy it? Does that now apply to Libya and President Obama, in your view?

CAIN: No, it does not. This president decided to follow, rather than lead. Hats off to the Prime Minister Cameron, hats off to Sarkozy, they led in this effort. The United States, by President Obama's decision, wanted to follow from the rear.

So he can't sit back now and claim look how well our strategy worked. No, he did not show the proper leadership on this even though we were providing the greatest amount of support in terms of our military cost and this sort of thing.

So now he's going to try and once again take credit for something he has no reason to get credit for because he did not take leadership on this particular issue.

HANNITY: All right, Herman Cain, thanks for being with us. Appreciate your time.

CAIN: My pleasure, Sean.

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