Bush and Kerry Need Plan for WWIII

The danger we all face.

That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points" memo. It simply amazes me that Americans can get so worked up over John Kerry's Vietnam War posture, when the real issue is how the senator and President Bush will deal with World War III.

The economy's important, but nothing compared to the danger that Islamic fascists pose to all of us. Al Qaeda and other Muslim fundamentalists are no different than the Nazis 70 years ago.

Both groups hate Jews, embrace a government that punishes or kills dissenters, and want to impose their brutal view of life on others.

As "Talking Points" has pointed out, Saddam was Hitler-lite, and Usama is Hitler reincarnated, but the lesson of history has not been learned.

Take Iran (search), for example. That country is defying the world and developing nuclear capabilities. That country is also aiding Al Qaeda. Do the math.

But according to an article in Newsweek, Europeans are not prepared to do anything about Iran, even if the fascist government there begins making nuclear weapons. Estimates are that could happen in three years.

So history is indeed repeating itself. Europe was unwilling to confront Hitler as we all know. And now Europe will not confront the growing terror menace.

Enter President Bush and Senator Kerry. Mr. Bush is trying to mobilize opposition to Iran, but not succeeding. And because U.S. troops are fully engaged in Afghanistan and Iraq, our military threat against Iran is not strong at this time.

Senator Kerry believes he can mobilize France, Germany, Russia, and other countries to take a more aggressive stance against terrorism in general. His position on Iran is still an open question.

There is no question, however, that Islamic terrorists aided by countries like Iran and Syria are bent on killing Americans. And if there's a successful attack here, that'll hurt the economy all over the world.

You think every nation would understand that, but the brutal truth is many Europeans are frightened, just as they were 70-years-ago, and scared people will never stand up against tyrants.

Maybe John Kerry can persuade the world to cooperate more fully against the barbarians, who are out for blood. Maybe.

But if Kerry wants to be president, he must have a plan B because many of us don't see help on the way from the rest of the world, to borrow a campaign phrase from the senator.

In his quote, President Bush must learn some lessons from the hardships America is facing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Invading Muslim nations is not a successful recipe.

The coming confrontation with countries like Iran and the Al Qaeda killers makes the Swift Boat deal look like Club Med. Winning World War III is really the only issue in this campaign and all Americans should focus on it.

And that's a memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Syndicated columnist Art Buchwald's been around for a long time. He's still working at age 80. In his column of August 10, Buchwald opines, "The conservative cardinal of the right wing church is Bill O'Reilly of Fox News. O'Reilly says America is safer and better off now than before we invaded Iraq."

Well, not quite, Art. What I did write on February 11th of this year is, "I still support the removal of Saddam Hussein because the world is a safer place, and terrorists have lost much opportunity in the Middle East," because, of course, Saddam is not there to support those terrorists.

So Art, you know, come on, all right. I wrote that in a column. All you had to do was read the words.

Buchwald's ridiculous. He should know better. He does it on purpose, and I'd be happy to debate him anytime, and he doesn't even have to kiss my ring. The cardinal of conservative ...