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Every cult has the same goal, the utter submission of its members. Cult members surrender everything. They give up their physical freedom -- where they can go, who they can see, how they can dress. But more than that, they give up control of their minds.

Cult leaders determine what their followers are allowed to believe, even in their most private thoughts. In order to do this, cults separate people from all they have known before. They force their members to renounce their former lives, their countries, their customs. They'll have no loyalty except to the cult.

The first thing they attack always is the family. Families are the main impediment to brainwashing and extremism. That's true in every culture.

So, if you're going to control individuals, if you're going to transform free people into compliant robots, the first thing you must do is separate them from the ones who love them most.

In 1932, Soviet authorities began promoting the story of a 13-year-old peasant boy called Pavlik Morozov. Morozov, they claimed had taken the supremely virtuous step of denouncing his own father to the secret police for committing counter revolutionary acts.

Once exposed as a traitor, the boy's father was executed by firing squad for the safety of the state. Joseph Stalin elevated this boy to the status of national hero for what he did. People wept in the streets when they heard his name. They worshipped him like a saint.

Why are we telling you this? Because it's happening here. In the last 10 days, some of our most prominent citizens have sworn allegiance to a cult. Converts go by the term allies and like all cult members, they demand total conformity.

They ritually condemn their own nation, its history, its institutions, its symbols, its flag. They denounce their own parents.

If you've been on social media recently, you've likely seen many videos like this one.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You stupid [bleep]. Get the [bleep] out of here. I'm sorry, you guys.


CARLSON: That is a child attacking her mother and father for the crime of insufficient loyalty to Black Lives Matter. Reporter Hanna Lustig of https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__insider.com&d=DwICAg&c=cnx1hdOQtepEQkpermZGwQ&r=tgDLkJy54PfJyWJwul3dKe54qGxqO7b7d5vjo7RcZds&m=WW9STiMYITxF-UKHqJZJsSorCIsvnpZFJcnjHo6i86U&s=ZrmAIF1A4jEtNcbgO1sovvelW2WjA7ba5UUQy_riWmo&e= wrote about that video, and she strongly approved of it.

"What you just saw," Lustig wrote, " ... is a young person, quote, 'modeling' the most important tenet of ally-ship," modeling meaning something done to encourage others to do the same. It's effective and in this case, it's working.

Here's a 15-year-old from Louisiana called Isabella. There are many like her in America right now.


ISABELLA: I literally hate my family so much. She's just -- they just tried to argue with me that George Floyd is like - they are trying to tell me that like he deserved that because he did something wrong, and that it was okay. That is not okay.

That is just making me so upset. I don't know. I do want to live here. I live in Louisiana. I hate living in this racist [bleep]. I just want to leave.


CARLSON: I hate my family so much. Just a week ago, it would have been hard to imagine that. Now, Isabella is a social media star. Celebrities tweet their approval at her. She may have her own cult following before long.

But the revolution is young. Children attacking their parents is just the beginning. On CNN today, a man called Tim Wise told viewers that going forward, parents must hurt their own children.


TIM WISE, AUTHOR: I think that the important thing for white parents to keep in the front of our mind is that if black children in this country are not allowed innocence and childhood, without fear of being killed by police are marginalized in some other way, then our children don't deserve innocence.

If Tamir Rice can be shot dead in a public park, playing with a toy gun, something white children do all over this country every day without the same fear of being shot. If Tamir Rice can be killed then white children need to be told, at least at the same age, if they can't be innocent, we don't get to be innocent.


CARLSON: Your children are no longer allowed to be innocent, says Tim Wise. Happy childhoods are a sign of racism.

The man saying this and being affirmed by CNN's anchors as he does is a self-described anti-racism activist. He's been saying things like this for a long time.

More than once Tim Wise has suggested that he approves of violence against those who disagree. How does Tim Wise make a living? Well in part by lecturing students. Your kids may have seen him speak. You've almost certainly heard a lot of people like Tim Wise.

In American schools, the revolution has been in progress for quite some time. Rochester School District in New York has created a Black Lives Matter themed lesson plan. The teaching materials dismiss America's bedrock institutions, indeed America itself as inherently racist.

Suggested questions for students include how does mass incarceration function as a mechanism of racialized social control? When specific racial group is singled out for exclusive blame.

The curriculum promotes a book entitled "White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of our Racial Divide." In other words, children, there's a reason, hatred and inequality exists. These people did it.

That's what your kids are learning right now. That's not an overstatement.

Yesterday at Darien High School in Connecticut, Principal Ellen Dunn sent an e-mail to parents in which he promised to increase the quote, "race conscious education of our students." In order to achieve that, Dunn distributed materials from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Now, ironically, the Southern Poverty Law Center is itself a hate group that has been documented extensively, but now their agenda is the school's agenda. It's what your kids are learning.

In Washington, D.C., an elementary school principal in the affluent northwest section of the city recently wrote a letter announcing that quote, "We need more white parents to talk to their kids about race especially now."

The letter singled out quote, "white staff and white community members" whom the principal alleged who had committed, quote, "both macro and micro aggressions against staff of color."

The principal did not specify what those crimes were. She didn't need to. Their skin color was their crime.

This is a national theme. It pains us to tell you that, but it's true. It's incredibly destructive and dangerous.

Countless school districts are now using "The 1619 Project" from "The New York Times" for example, as a curriculum. That project is the work of an out of the closet racial extremist called Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Jones, for example, recently argued it is not violence to loot and burn stores. It is justified. Her propaganda is now mandatory in public schools in Buffalo, Chicago, New York, and Washington.

Many parents understandably deeply resent this. It's deranged. It's racist. But others don't. They are allies and they've joined in.

One mother in London where the cult is also spreading posted this photo on Twitter. It is of her daughter, on bended knee holding a sign declaring her privilege. The Culture Revolution has come to the West.

What will the effects of this be? This is just a moment. It will end. How will we feel about it looking back?

Years from now, how will that little girl with the sign remember her childhood? Her mother took Tim Wise's advice. She no longer has innocence. Will she be grateful for that?

It's hard to imagine she will be. More likely, she will feel bitter and used because she has been used, and it's likely that many children growing up right now will feel the same way.

Is there a single person who believes that this moment we're living through will end in racial harmony? That used to be what we wanted. Some of us still do want that. Is it even a goal anymore? It doesn't seem like it.

Instead, it seems like many in power, it's very clear, in fact that many empower are pushing hard for racial division, for hatred, for violence, and let's pray they don't get what they want.

Tribal conflict will destroy a country faster than any plague. But keep in mind as this insanity continues that it doesn't happen in a vacuum. Every action provokes a reaction. That's physics.

We don't know where this is going. We don't want to know where it's going. The cult members should stop now. Immediately. Before more innocents get hurt, and they will if they don't.

Matt Walsh is the host of "The Matt Walsh Show," and we're happy to have him on the show tonight. So Matt, before I ask you where this is going, and I'm not even sure I want to know, what do you make of people sacrificing their own children on the altar of this new religion?

MATT WALSH, HOST, "THE MATT WALSH SHOW": Well, it's obviously abusive, it's deranged. I mean, it's everything that you said it was and I think it goes -- it goes even deeper than that. We have to think about how sick this -- how deep this sickness is that what they're telling their kids and what kids have been told in college for decades now, you think about critical race theory and all of that. They're told that white people are inherently racist.

So, it's part of your nature. There's nothing you can do about it. You're racist, no matter what. Other races cannot be racist. You're the only one that can be, which means that all you can do is admit that you're racist, or you can deny it. If you admit it, then you're racist. If you deny it, well, that's exactly what a racist would do.

And so it really -- it reminds me a lot of like the crucible, the witch trials or something where it's -- you're accused of being a witch. You can deny it, which is exactly what a witch would do and that proves you're a witch or you can admit it, and then you're a witch.

And that's, that's kind of what it is with racism now, and that's what kids are being indoctrinated into. And they grow up to be self-hating and I think that's by design.

CARLSON: I mean, here's the problem -- there's so many problems, but I think most Americans of all colors want to live in a country where your race is not the most important thing about you. In fact, it's mostly irrelevant, right? That was the goal that you and I grew up with, and I still support that.

But if you attack people like this, you will over time get a reaction. And some of those reactions are going to be ugly. Why would someone want to do that? Why would you want to create a tribalized society? A violent society? What's the point of doing that? Seriously?

WALSH: Well, I think that's -- I think That's right. We know the point though, I think is control. It's about controlling people. And, you know -- but what's going to happen if you have -- if you tell people to hate themselves, and that they're inherently sick and that there's nothing they can do about it, and they're racist, and they're bigots.

If you hammer that into their heads over and over and over again, from a young age, I think it can go to one of two ways. One is that you just submit to it then you have a lot of these so-called white allies of the Black Lives Matter protest, literally bowing and kneeling before you know their masters in the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Or it could go the other way, and you're going to have people who go all the way to the other extreme and say, hey, you're calling me -- you're calling me a bigot, I might as well just be one. And I think we're seeing that play out right now in society as we speak.

And it's not going to get better. I think it's only going to get worse, unfortunately.

CARLSON: Oh okay. So, this is all very obvious. There's no -- this is a cul de sac. This doesn't end with a better society. It ends with something really awful. And that's very obvious like, there's nobody who doesn't know that.

So, where are the adults? Where are the Republican senators, for example? Where are the leaders standing up and saying, you know, no, you have to stop talking like this right now. You're wrecking the country. You're going to get people killed. Stop talking like this.

Where are the people who should be saying that?

WALSH: Well, I mean, they're cowering under their bed, I think. They're terrified.

This is something I've noticed. You talk about Republicans and conservatives. I mean, even a lot of conservative commentators out there are now too afraid it seems like to criticize Black Lives Matter. And that's why we've seen these riots over the past two weeks.

The one line that you hear from conservatives a lot is that well, it's all Antifa doing this Antifa, they're the ones rioting and looting, and they are doing it and Antifa are domestic terrorists.


WALSH: But clearly, look, Black Lives Matter has been a violent movement from its inception. Did we forget about Ferguson? Did we forget about Baltimore?

CARLSON: You're exactly right.

WALSH: Did we forget about Dallas? You know, five cops were executed in Dallas. That was before Antifa had risen to prominence. You can't blame that on Antifa.

But what's happening is that there's a sanitization of Black Lives Matter and their ideology, their tenets that's happening even on the right and so, if the right is buying into it then, I don't know where we go from there.

CARLSON: In a moment of crisis, cowardice is a sin and there are a lot of cowards out there. I think we should remember their names and never give them authority again and I hope you, Matt will help remember their names because I think, you know, it really matters to hold them accountable at some point.

But, thanks for coming on.

WALSH: For sure. Thank you.

CARLSON: David Dorn is not a name on the lips of our leaders this week, it should be. Dorn served his community for almost 40 years as a police officer, even half after he retired, he continued to help others.

Last weekend, Dorn was in St. Louis trying to protect a friend's store from looters and he was murdered for doing it.

This country ought to remember Dorn. He represents the best of America. Instead his name has been shoved down the memory hole. The media would like him forgotten immediately so they can go back to inflaming hateful violence across our nation.

We should not let that happen. He was not the only victim, by the way, of these riots and not the only victim who has been forgotten. We think that's a shame.

On Twitter, former White House speechwriter, Darren Beattie, and good for him, has been keeping track of the casualties of this rioting and we want to read some of them to you because it's important to remember people who've been killed -- more than just one, many.

David Patrick Underwood was a Federal Protective Service Officer in California. A week ago he was shot to death. We don't know who killed him. He was protecting a Federal building in Oakland. One of his colleagues was also critically injured in that shooting.

Italia Marie Kelly was just 22 years old. She was attending a George Floyd related protest in Davenport, Iowa. She became uncomfortable with the direction of that protest, understandably. She got in her car to leave, and she was killed by a stray bullet. Shot dead.

Jose Gutierrez was a bystander. He was watching as others looted the Chicago suburb of Cicero. For being there, he was shot in the head and killed by this man, Zion Haygood. That's what police say.

Another victim in Cicero, Illinois was Victor Cazares, Jr. He was 27. He was shot to death outside a grocery store. No one remembers his name, we should.

In Minneapolis Francisco Montiel was 46. He was found dead next to a burned out car. Police attributed his death to quote, "complex homicidal violence." That's obvious. He was a casualty of the riots.

At least three people were murdered during the violence in Indianapolis. One of them was 38-year-old former Indiana football player, Chris Beaty. He was found shot to death just outside his apartment.

And unnamed Latino man in his 20s was also killed on Sunday in Los Angeles in the area that was completely demolished by rioters. And of course, those are just the ones who were killed probably not an exhaustive list. If you know more, please send them to us.

Thousands have been hurt, maimed, financially ruined, brain damaged over the past week. Dozens of those are police officers. They were injured trying to protect the public.

One of them is Las Vegas Police Officer Shay Mikalonis. He was shot during the riot on Monday. The man who shot him says it was an accident. He was just trying to scare away rioters. We don't know the truth. But the man took a bullet to the head, the police officer did.

Every one of those people deserves to be remembered. But instead, again, they are forgotten and they're forgotten on purpose. The press would like these protests to go down in history is mostly peaceful.

They're not and they're not in part because CNN, MSNBC, "The New York Times" and many others have been inflaming racial tensions around the country. They're inciting violence. They don't care about the consequences.

The rest of us should care. Those are human beings. They're Americans and now they're gone. And you knew who did it? The people on our streets, they should be held accountable for what they did.

Well for months and months you'll remember, our leaders made it illegal for you to protest anything, even to go to church. The coronavirus lockdowns were enforced.

But now that our streets are overrun with Black Lives Matter protests and riots, they've changed their mind. Your protests are still illegal. They're racist. The ones destroying our country, essential. We will tell you what they said after the break.


CARLSON: Well for months, as you well remember, the people in charge told you that they were unilaterally canceling your constitutional rights. You no longer had the right to assemble, to speak freely, to worship. We thought those were guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, not anymore.

In fact, in many parts of the country, people still don't have those rights. But our leader said they had no choice, but to take them away. This was a medical emergency. It was more important than your rights.

They were lying. We always thought they were lying. Now, we know for sure, because today we have an open letter signed by more than 1,200 doctors, professionals and public health officials and it explains that the riots you're watching must be allowed while any other demonstration like one you might participate in, must be suppressed.

Quote, "As public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission." But they are clarify, "This should not be confused with permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-at-home orders. Those actions not only oppose public health interventions, but they are also rooted in white nationalism and run contrary to respect for black lives."

Ha? In other words, anybody who complains about being locked down is a racist, except the people who refuse to be locked down because they're protesting racism. Heads, I win; tails, you lose. These are public health officials. This is sanity.

Just days ago, you were told that any kind of gathering could kill thousands of people. You'd be a murderer. You'd be a genocidal murderer. That was before we learned that viruses have their own woke political agenda. The only rallies we should ban are those being held by people who have the wrong ideas.

People who want to earn a living or go to church. Those protests are racism. Oh. And this is all coming from people who lecture you about science. They wouldn't recognize science if they got in the shower with them, but they're still lecturing about science, which is always a pretext for ways to destroy our country and control your life. And by the way to fleece you.

Why are we paying for any of this crap, by the way? That's a question we're going to address in some detail next week.

But right now, it's enough to know, this is a sham. It was a front for tyrants to inflict their personal neuroses and their desire for control on the United States of America and to do it outside the democratic process, outside democratic norms.

Every person who signed this letter is a faker. None of them represents science. We should never listen to any of them again.

Lara Logan host, "Lara Logan Has No Agenda" on Fox Nation, which is fantastic. We're happy to have her join us now. So Lara, you've been watching this from the very beginning. How is it as a scientific matter that viruses are not dangerous when they're transmitted at Black Lives Matter events, but they're very dangerous when transmitted at other events?

LARA LOGAN, FOX NATION HOST: Well you know, for me, Tucker, as a journalist, the saddest thing about this letter is that it frames the entire pandemic in a very political context.

CARLSON: Exactly.

LOGAN: And I say that because I've been on the phone with a few doctors today talking to them about this and building on conversations with many different doctors and infectious disease specialists from the very beginning.

And you only have to look at who the letter is actually written by because you mentioned you know, the healthcare professionals. It also has infectious disease specialists, but then it has community stakeholders, right, attached to it and I went through the list. There are a lot of them. We just have their names there, you have no idea who they are.

So who or what is a community stakeholder in this context? And I do want to say that there are many examples in the history of this country where racism did play a role in in the healthcare of black people in this country.


LOGAN: There's no disputing that. No doctor that I spoke to dispute that in any way, right? And so that's really not the issue here for medical professionals.

For the doctors who are on the frontline of this virus who are actually treating people as opposed to those sitting, you know, in the National Institutes of Health or in more academic positions, where they're looking at it from an academic or policy perspective versus being in the trenches.

For those medical professionals, what they find so disturbing about this is that there are a number of medical concerns related to COVID that are completely ignored by this that put African-Americans at greater risk and they are not being addressed by the very health professionals who say they care about saving black people's lives.

So, for example, vitamin D deficiency, according to many doctors, and according to multiple studies, there is one out of Ireland, there's one in Indonesia. Nobody disputes this that vitamin D deficiencies is common in groups who are adversely affected by COVID-19.

So for example, military professionals, elderly people in nursing homes and African-American communities who are historically deficient in vitamin D and it affects your immune system, right? I won't go into the science because I'm not a doctor, but it's been explained to me.

And no one also disputes that a strong immune system helps you. It impacts your ability, how sick you get with this virus, and also your -- you know, your survivability.

So, there are many things health professionals could be doing medically that are left out of a letter like this that can have a significant impact if African-Americans know that vitamin D deficiency makes them more vulnerable and they're not putting out notices about that.

It's not the only reason, right, but it is a factor.

CARLSON: Of course, because this has nothing to do with public health and never did.

Lara Logan, great to see you tonight. Thank you for that.

Before we go to break -- what's the real casualty here? It's not simply public health. It's any remaining confidence that any of us had that the people issuing these proclamations from on high are telling the truth and know what they're doing or decent people.

We know now because it's very clear that they're not. So, nobody respects anybody in charge because they're not worth respecting.

I want to put on the screen really quickly. This is a tweet from the top public health official in New York, Mark Levine. And here's his position, "Let's be clear about something: if there's a spike in coronavirus cases in the next two weeks, don't blame the protesters. Blame racism."

So, is that a public health pronouncement? No. It's a stupid little editorial comment driven by that moron's personal politics, but we're supposed to take that as an important directive from a government official and no thinking person does. None.

These people have devalued their own currency. No thinking person will ever listen to them again and it's sad.

Meanwhile in Minneapolis, as if we need more evidence of the same theme, authorities are moving to abolish the city's police department and they want to be clear, if you're worried about the effects of that, like your family's safety, you're a racist. That's next.


CARLSON: Well, just a week ago, the idea that we would abolish the police was just a lunatic internet meme. Now, it's a mainstream talking point on television.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Right now is the time to defund the police and really invest in our community.

MARK BRAY, HISTORIAN: We need to think of alternatives to the police. We needed to defund the police or abolish the police.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don't need to fund policing in the way that we do. We have to shrink the role of the policing apparatus, wholly.


CARLSON: This is the thing with lunatic ideas. If nobody challenges them, ultimately, they happen.

So, now 425,000 citizens of the City of Minneapolis, a very pretty city, a very nice city are about to become guinea pigs in an immense human experiment whose outcome is all but certain. You know exactly what's going to happen.

In Minneapolis, three members of the City Council have now endorsed disbanding the entire police department in their city and replacing it with an organization whose role we don't really understand.

One city councilman said it would be a nonviolent public safety and outreach group. Whatever that means. It doesn't matter what it means, getting rid of the police is what they are for.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is totally in favor of that. You'd think she'd be worried about it. She grew up in a society with no police. That's why she had to leave and come here. It's why she had to marry her brother to commit immigration fraud to come here. She was that desperate to leave that kind of society.

But no, Omar has learned nothing or maybe she can just think of no better fate for America, a country she clearly hates than making it just like the country she fled.

So today, Omar tweeted this quote, "The Minneapolis Police Department has proven themselves beyond reform." Still tough on the grammar. "It's time to disband them and reimagine public safety in Minneapolis." What the hell does that mean? Nothing.

When they say reimagine public safety, what they mean is get rid of public safety. They're pretty clear on that point. Minneapolis City Council President, Lisa Bender is one of those vowing to eliminate the police in Minneapolis.

On Wednesday, she made it very clear what she is talking about. She has no patience at all for people who care about their own families. And we're quoting now, "If you're a comfortable white person asking to dismantle the police, I invite you to reflect, are you willing to stick with it? Will you be calling in three months to ask about garage break-ins? Are you willing to dismantle white supremacy in all systems, including a new system?"

Hard to believe this is happening, but again, the longer you let insanity go unchallenged, and almost none of our leaders are challenging it in case you haven't noticed, the more likely it becomes --it'll be real. It'll happen and you're going to have to live with the consequences.

They're telling you that letting criminals invade your home is mandatory, and if you don't like it, you're a racist.

Let's remember what the Minneapolis City Council is saying in public. How exactly by the way is that demand going to reduce racism? Nothing they're doing reduces racism. It's causing it.

Systematically demonizing people for the color of their skin the way they were born, something they can't change, does that bring racial harmony? No. They don't care. That's their policy, and they're never going to feel the effects because they have private security.

Drive up and down the streets in any rich city, Washington, D.C., I did it today. We have guards on the street, say the signs. Oh, guards you paid for yourself. They will be fine. You're about to go through a home invasion.

Dr. Wilfred Reilly is a Professor at Kentucky State University and he joins us tonight. Professor, thanks so much for coming on. I'm worried we're not thinking through the consequences of our decisions right now. Are you concerned?

DR. WILFRED REILLY, PROFESSOR, KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY: Yes, the idea of abolishing or greatly defunding any major city police department is absolutely ludicrous. Almost every city would be Dodge City, Kansas.

So, I do want to say everyone hates police brutality.

CARLSON: Of course.

REILLY: Now, almost everyone favors basic measures like body cams. I saw the George Floyd video, I want charges brought against preferably all the officers involved.


REILLY: But we know scientifically, what is going to happen if you dramatically pull back policing in urban centers, because we've seen it, we called this the Ferguson Effect four years ago.

Following the riots near St. Louis, there was substantial police pull back and you started seeing headlines like from my hometown of Chicago, police staff down 90 percent, crime skyrockets. This isn't theoretical.

From 2014 to 2017, we went from 14,000 odd murders in the United States to 17,294 -- substantial, nearly two percent increase.

And I want to note, this affects communities of color the most.

CARLSON: Of course.

REILLY: The majority of those lives last, if you want to talk about black lives were African-American lives. By the end of that period, black people had moved past the combined white and Hispanic category in terms of the number of murders in our community, roughly 8,000 to around 6.5K, six and a half thousand.

And I think we've already seen what happens to minority communities and to white communities when the police pulled back in Minneapolis.

If you look at that Lake Street District of the city -- that was a very real extent a black and Asian business community. If you look at the businesses that were looted or that were burnt to the ground, you're talking about Scores Sports Bar. They finally have their GoFundMe up.

You're talking about Midori's Floating World Cafe, Plaza Mexico, one of the leading black serving charter schools, the International Bazaar, I believe was burnt. These are places I've seen coming from the Midwest.

And I will say, I've never in my life seen anything as ludicrous as a heavily Caucasian mob, which is what you did have in Minneapolis importantly, without excusing any rioters of any other color, burning a successful black man's business while chanting Black Lives Matter, and you're going to get a lot more of that kind of nonsense in a big city with no police. That's a bad idea. It can be my whole segment.

CARLSON: So, you know, you just made a pretty airtight case that comports with everyone -- what everyone instinctively knows. So let me just ask you a harder to pin down question. Why do you think they're doing this then? Honestly.

REILLY: I think that any religious ideology can become dangerous at the margins and wokeness has a lot of these religious characteristics where certain things simply cannot be questioned.

The treatment of these protests during COVID-19 is absolutely bizarre. Whether or not COVID-19 is as dangerous as we were originally told, and I will note the C.D.C. did release a new projected IFR of, I believe, 0.26 percent or 0.4 percent, just recently as opposed to 3.4.

But at any rate, tens of thousands of people are gathering in the streets and health experts, quote unquote, "woke epidemiologists" are saying, well, this is all right, because they're fighting racism. That seems to me more religious than scientific behavior.

CARLSON: That's right. Professor Reilly, first, I hope you keep your job after doing this segment. And second, I hope you'll come back. It's great to see you. Thank you.

REILLY: Thanks.

CARLSON: Good luck. So, looters are ruining our cities. They're spending almost no time in jail for doing that. Why? Because of bail reform in some places, in other places, it's because famous people are paying to have them set free. We're going to name the people doing that, next.


CARLSON: We told you last night how big companies, cynical soulless craven corporations like Pepsi, Intel and Airbnb are funding this chaos. They're giving money to Black Lives Matter, which is pushing to defund the police.

But it isn't just major corporations that are fueling all of this. Celebrities are to, by paying to get violent rioters out of jail.

As you read through this, we're going to scroll through their names on the right side of the screen. First off, actor Steve Carell from "The Office" donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which is providing bail to rioters.

Seth Rogen, Don Cheadle, Janelle Monae donated as well. The cast of "Brooklyn 9-9," a police comedy gave 100 grand to help bail out people who may very well have attacked those they portray on TV.

Hollywood power couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds donated $200,000.00 to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a group that is claiming that any violence is due to cops, not protesters, right.

Rapper Lil Nas X urged his 4.7 million Twitter followers to donate to bail groups in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia and elsewhere. Imagine if he had used those followers instead to help small businesses destroyed by the riots in helped incite. Maybe cities would be getting better, but they're not.

Of course at least those celebrities put their money up, countless others are simply posturing on social media. Jason Rantz is a Seattle-area radio show host. He just wrote a piece on that and he joins us tonight to explain it.

Jason, what's happening exactly?

JASON RANTZ, SEATTLE RADIO SHOW HOST: What's happening is I noticed what probably a lot of people are noticing. They're on Twitter. They're on Instagram. And all of a sudden, they're seeing people who are proudly proclaiming how woke they are, how all of a sudden they're interested in a topic that just a few weeks ago they didn't care about.

And so they will lecture us about their newfound wokeness, though none of us will ask, they will certainly tell us that they are heroes for the positions that they are taking.

Meanwhile, when you try to have a normal conversation with any of them about maybe it being a fringe position to defund police, they will try to bully you into silence.

These are people who are posting on social media to tell you that they care, while not even understanding any of what it is they're talking about.

This is self-preening urbanite woke progressives who are going out of their way to pat each other on the back while not actually forwarding any part of this conversation.

They'll tell us that they are fighting bigotry and racism, though in early February when Jews were getting beat up on the streets of New York and New Jersey, they weren't posting anything.

They wait for these national movements to jump on top of, so that again, they can feel like they are part of a bigger conversation.

Meanwhile, what they ended up doing is give a pass to some of these fringe beliefs that you've been talking about on the show all this week.

When you have people who jump on a national movement, you give it legitimacy, and I don't think that we should be giving some of the fringe parts of this any sort of legitimacy.

CARLSON: But you can't -- they seem to think they're immune from criticism. So, LeBron James, for example, has been inciting violence in my opinion. And yet, if you say anything about it, you're the racist.

How can someone like LeBron James, who should be ashamed of what he has done get away with it?

RANTZ: They get away with it because of a lot of groupthink, right? I mean, when you create these social media accounts, and you're engaged in this kind of activism, you essentially surround yourself with a lot of like- minded people.

Now, I follow a bunch of different voices. If I were to get involved, like any normal person who would want to get involved in some of the conversations, ultimately, you get social media currency by attacking the other people because again, you're proclaiming that you're more evolved than everybody else.

And then it becomes this big circle of people, silencing folks that dare to say something just a little bit different, and then they feel like they can't say anything. And then the fact that people aren't saying anything means there's no one pushing back.

And you mentioned it earlier on the show. If you don't push back, if you just sort of let it happen. Well, yes, then it happens.

CARLSON: Exactly.

RANTZ: And I don't want to live in a city that doesn't have actual police officers. This is ridiculous, and the problem is, we're supposed to be united right now. And I think after George Floyd was murdered, and I believe he was murdered, this was an injustice that everybody, every single person came together to call out.

And rather than take that unity, and have conversations about something important, such as, how about police training, is there something we can do there? We allow the fringe voices to speak up the loudest even though they represent the smallest amount of people.

And then before you know it, it becomes this national movement with celebrities who think they know what it is they're talking about. You go and loot or destroy any of their property. The second that happens, the second you look at them in a shifty way, they will have their private security descend upon you and then they call the cops.

CARLSON: Yes, that's probably not going to happen to LeBron James. Meanwhile he is, and I want to say it again, I believe he has been inciting violence. It's unbelievable.

Jason Rantz, it's great to see you tonight.

RANTZ: Thanks for having me.

CARLSON: Well, you remember the chants, "Hydroxychloroquine is dangerous." And if you don't agree, you don't understand science. They barked at you for weeks about that.

Now, it turns out a study they pushed was fake. It wasn't real. I am not kidding. An amazing story. Dr. Marc Siegel, after the break.


CARLSON: Well, for a while there, it looked like hydroxychloroquine might be an effective treatment for the coronavirus. And then the President mentioned the drug, and for that reason, the press suddenly told you, it was dangerous.

They promoted a study that suggested hydroxychloroquine could really hurt people. Now, that study has been retracted. Why? Because it was fraudulent.

Fox medical contributor, NYU Langone Professor, Dr. Marc Siegel joins us to discuss that and more. Hey, Doctor.

DR. MARC SIEGEL, FOX NEWS MEDICAL CONTRIBUTOR: Tucker, two stories tonight. The first one, I wish it was medical, but it's political. Second one is medical, which I'm very happy about.

The hydroxychloroquine story once again occurred because on May 19th, the President as you just said, announced he was taking it. The media wolves descended and "Lancet" soon after this, a renowned journal suddenly published this study showing that it supposedly hastens death and has severe side effects in very seriously ill patients.

Everybody was concerned. The World Health Organization pulled out their studies, and then we find out that "Lancet" was relying on fraudulent data by this company called Surgisphere.

Tucker, Surgisphere has just a handful of employees. One is an adult content model, yes. And another one writes science fiction for a living.

And then they claim that they have one of the best hospital databases in the world, but they have no internet presence whatsoever.

So "Lancet" with egg on its face, a renowned journal is suddenly withdrawing this study and were left with a medical question, which is does hydroxychloroquine actually work early in the game to help decrease the symptoms of COVID-19?

It's been studied in the lab as an antiviral -- medical, we don't know yet. Political, we know this is a political hit job.

CARLSON: It's so sad.

SIEGEL: Now, for the medical story. This is very optimistic news. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center today is reporting several of the doctors there are saying, you know what, COVID-19 Tucker, the virus appears to be getting milder.

People who are being admitted have milder symptoms. We heard the same thing out of Northern Italy and guess what? I have been hearing the same thing from many doctors here in New York City over the past week or two, and the number of deaths from COVID-19 over the past 24 hours in New York City for the first time since early March is zero deaths. Zero deaths.

Now why would this be happening? Because of basic biology, Tucker. Viruses, like anything else wants to survive. Now, I'm not sure yet that this is the case, but as viruses mutate over time, they want to get more used to the human host. They want to be able to spread more easily and if they kill the host, they can't spread.

So, they tend to mutate in the direction of becoming milder. It looks like this may be happening here. What great news.

And Tucker, this may be why Dr. Tony Fauci yesterday, announced that he wants the schools to reopen, something that you and I have been saying on this show for weeks. I'm glad he is finally catching up with us. Schools should reopen. Society needs to start reopening.

CARLSON: Boy, you said it long ago. Dr. Marc Siegel, thanks so much for joining us tonight.

SIEGEL: Thank you.

CARLSON: Boy, it's been a very long week. We hope you have a very happy weekend with the ones you love.

Sean Hannity, the Great Sean Hannity, right now.

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