Brian Williams Interviews John Boehner About Obamacare


You can make a case that NBC News is the most liberal major news agency in the country. I think the "New York Times" holds the title but you can make the case.

Thursday NBC anchor Brian Williams interviewed Speaker Boehner and health care was the headline.


BRIAN WILLIAMS, NBC "NIGHTLY NEWS" ANCHOR: The first thing you're doing after the reading of the Constitution is bringing so-called "Obamacare," the Obama health plan, up for a vote. It's been called a stunt because it can pass the Republican House. But it's certain to fail, if not in the Democratic Senate but it won't survive a veto.

Why spend the valuable time of your beloved House of Representatives that way?

REP. JOHN BOEHNER, HOUSE SPEAKER: You have to understand that in my opinion, Obamacare is the biggest job killer we have in America today. It's a weight over every employer that we have, thereby, requiring them to hold back their willingness to hire people.

WILLIAMS: Where are you getting the notion, as you said again this morning, the American people want it repealed? Our exit polling was about 48 percent, 47 percent, very evenly split on that.

BOEHNER: I have talked to tens of thousands of people all across the country last year as I was out helping my candidates. I have been from one corner of my district to the other. And it's pretty clear to me that that this law ought to be repealed.


Now, Speaker Boehner should have been better prepared. A Kaiser Foundation Poll in December found that 51 percent of Americans favor full or partial repeal of Obamacare. And just today -- just today, a Gallup poll says 46 percent of Americans favor full repeal of the new health care law; 40 percent oppose, the rest don't know.

Now, it is the job of Brian Williams to challenge the Speaker and Williams did that. however, he used selective information in his questioning that could have been easily shot down.

But the NBC News audience doesn't know that. And Mr. Boehner did not set them straight. The truth is that while most of the American media stand firmly behind Obamacare, the folks don't. Many Americans do not want the federal government running the health care industry. Strict oversight, yes. Forcing us to buy insurance and obey bureaucratic mandates? Hell no.

Democrats are furious about the new assault on Obamacare and are pointing to a new Congressional Budget Office estimate that says a repeal would add $230 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years because health care costs would continue to rise unchecked. "Talking Points" has no idea if that estimate will become reality; speculation is speculation. But there is no question that American health insurance companies are raising premiums big time right now.

In California, Blue Cross wants another 35 percent hike. In New York, WellPoint wants a 28 percent rise on small business premiums. Obviously this is killing jobs and individual budgets. The Feds must do something to stop the madness.

But a takeover is not the answer. Strict oversight and tough insurance regulations are. There are solutions in these complicated problems short of the Feds dictating our health care needs. Find them and repealing Obamacare could become a reality despite presidential resistance.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Finally, "Pinheads & Patriots," TV edition. While swearing in the new senators this week, Vice President Biden gave their young daughters some dating advice.


JOE BIDEN, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: And girls, remember: no dates until you're 30 years old. No, not smiling. No dates until you're 30. Remember, 30 years old. No dates until you're 30.

A beautiful child. Just remember, no dates until you're 30 years old.


BIDEN: Thirty years old.


We got it. Now, is that advice pinheaded or patriotic? Please vote on

Thursday night we showed you this.


KEVIN SPACEY, ACTOR: How have you been? Do you enjoy doing the show every night? Is it fun?

JIMMY FALLON, HOST, NBC'S "LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON": Yes, it's actually really fun. We have a lot of fun guests, a lot of talented guests like the great actor, Kevin Spacey.

SPACEY: Monologues can be tough, though, can't they?

FALLON: I wouldn't...

SPACEY: I just like sitting here watching you suffer.


Well, 78 percent of you say Kevin Spacey's imitation of Johnny Carson is patriotic; 22 percent, pinheaded.