Breitbart: 'Opie and Anthony' Went Against Their Word, Secretly Recorded and Tweeted X-Rated Weiner Pic Without My Permission

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: More bad news tonight for Congressman Anthony Weiner. That naked crotch shot he took of himself is now all over the Internet. Shock jocks Opie and Anthony got their hands on the photo and tweeted it. They snapped a shot of the picture from journalist Andrew Breitbart's cell phone. But Breitbart says they did it without his permission. As you know, Breitbart runs, the website that first reported Congressman Weiner's Twitter scandal. So what happened? editor Andrew Breitbart joins us. Andrew, nice to see you. And how did this picture hit the Internet?

ANDREW BREITBART, BIGGOVERNMENT.COM: I went on the "Opie and Anthony Show." I'm friends with one of the guys on there, Jim Norton. I just befriended Anthony the other night. And I just decided before I went to the airport, why not stop in for some hijincks before I get on the airport -- out to the airport.

And I went in there, did a long interview with them. I thought everything went great. They took a picture with me afterwards.

But during the interview, they asked me if they could see it. I said, "Well, make sure you don't show it to anyone." And Jim Norton said, "There aren't any cameras here." And so I felt very comfortable that nothing, you know, bad would happen with it. And next thing I know, I found out that they surreptitiously recorded it and tweeted it on the Internet. And they've subsequently said -- admitted that they did so without my permission.

And it's very troubling because for an employee of Sirius XMU to say there are no cameras here, and then you find out that there are cameras here and they're going against their word and taping it, is deeply problematic.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, I know that you maintained the pictures because right when the story broke at first, is that there was an effort to make less of you or to try to discredit you when it was first denied that he was -- that he had sent this picture on the Twitter, the first -- the one in the underwear, that shot. So I understand why you kept the pictures. But why are they on your phone? I mean, on my phone, I got, like, 75 pictures of my cats and dogs. But why do you have this on your phone?

BREITBART: It's because it was sent to me from the source. I have -- all the photos were sent to me, and e-mail is how you get it. And you read e-mail, and that's where it is. So it's not like I had it up as wallpaper.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. All right. Good. All right. Now, Congressman Weiner at that press conference the other day -- was he honest, or is there more coming, more information? Because I mean, he's admitted to lying. And then he -- on this -- on this press conference, he says essentially, Now I'm coming clean, I'm answering things. Was he honest?

BREITBART: At this point, I don't know. I mean, you know, he said that there were only six women over the period that he's been doing this stuff -- type of stuff online. I think that he's put himself in quite a box there, especially when there's a series of girls who many people have been trying to investigate.

There was one point where he said he couldn't be certain that he had had communications like this with underaged girls. He said that. And what type of person can't say with certainty? And those girls have yet to be totally explored. I think that's the next stage of this investigation, is trying to find out who these girls that he was following and these women -- they may have had active imaginations, but they claim to have had offline communications with the congressman.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know, it seems that today, it's taken a new turn, the story. You know, the -- he's had a marriage of short duration, and whether they stick together or not is their business, but it's not this is a marriage of 20 years, and all of a sudden, this -- and many people thought, you know, maybe his wife will cut and run. Who knows. But now the news tonight that she's pregnant, which -- it now has gotten it seems to me like a much more unfortunate dynamic. Do you agree?

BREITBART: Well, this information was selectively put out there by their camp, and I think that it's probably a PR attempt to try and inject her into it because when you hear that -- when you hear Huma, you are sympathetic towards her. When you hear of Huma and pregnancy, you start to feel a level of sympathy.

And so I -- I -- my belief is that this is a ploy to make people not want to continue to report about what type of behavior he's been involved with. You know, where there's smoke, there's fire. So I'm sorry that she's going through this, but he's put the country into this position. He's put the Democratic Party into this position. And we have every right to find out to what extent he's been misbehaving.

VAN SUSTEREN: And if Congress really wanted to get to the bottom of it, if he doesn't resign, they would have an accelerated ethics investigation, rather than doing it sort of in the ordinary course of business. And they're perfectly capable of doing this, so we'll see whether the Democrats and Republicans on the Hill want to play politics or they want to move it through, investigate, see whether he should, you know, be disciplined or booted or if he resigns.

BREITBART: Yes. All I can say about Congress is that they've been conspicuously silent. And you know, the American people are watching on both the Republican side and the Democrat side. There seem to be a lot of misbehaving guys who are putting themselves into these compromising positions.

And I don't think it's just about the sex. I think it's just about the blackmail. And as you can see, a congressman right now is fighting to keep his power, trying to keep his job. Can you imagine if one of these errant girls, you know, in Nevada or the porn star said, Hey, you know what? I want some legislation passed. How about if you vote yes, even though you're thinking no on this?

It just shows how easily compromised these guys are and how compromisable they are. And so I'm glad that we're ending this era of it's just about the sex because when people in political power do these type of things, they're putting everyone at risk.

VAN SUSTEREN: And I usually -- it usually takes two to tango, and I blame the women just as much. But this instance, it looks like it was not -- it was him sending them out. But usually, you know, the women are up to their eyeballs in a lot of this bad behavior. But I'm going to take the last word on that. Andrew, thank you.

BREITBART: Thank you very much, Greta.