Blatant Media Bias

An excellent example of blatant media bias. That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points" memo.

Millions of people all over the world have now seen the O'Reilly-Michael Moore shootout, which is still posted on our Web site for your perusal. The reporting on the interview has been largely fair, except for an unbelievable statement yesterday by The New York Times TV writer Alessandra Stanley.

She says, "Some of the most memorable moments on television had almost nothing to do with the convention itself, notably Michael Moore on Fox News badgering Bill O'Reilly into submissive silence by asking if he would send his own child to Iraq."

Submissive silence? Really? Roll the tape.


O'REILLY: We cannot leave Iraq right now.

MICHAEL MOORE, FILMMAKER: So you would sacrifice your child to secure Fallujah (search)? I want to hear you say that.

O'REILLY: I would sacrifice myself.

MOORE: No, your child.

O'REILLY: Myself.

MOORE: It's Bush sending the children there.

O'REILLY: Myself.

MOORE: Not — you and I don't go to war. It's because...

O'REILLY: Because if we back out of there, there will be more deaths and you know it.


Now this is what Miss Stanley (search) and other Times writers do all the time. They blatantly mislead their readers. Submissive silence, my you know what, even if you agree with Moore's point of view, you can't possibly buy into a deception like that.

The loaded question by Moore had to be answered, but not with engagement. After getting hammered by rock solid facts disputing his contention the Bush administration lied to the country about Iraq, Moore diverted the interview into emotional hypotheticals. Clever, but transparent.

The important story here is how The New York Times and other media outlets have used Moore as a stalking horse to discredit President Bush and others with whom they disagree. Any fair-minded person knows Moore is deceiving the public with his propaganda. So why then is this work legitimatized?

The answer is because ideology is now more important than facts in much of the media. As The Boston Globe reporter said on The Factor last week, Michael Moore is entitled to his version of the facts. His version?

Come on. There are no versions of facts. There is provable truth and everything else.

Finally, as you may know, The Factor and the Fox News Channel have been brutally criticized this summer by dishonest far left forces. They fear us because we present all sides of the debate and don't do what Alessandra Stanley does.

But the good guys are winning. The ratings for the Democratic Convention are in and The Factor crushed the competition in its time slot. Since many Republicans simply didn't watch the proceedings in Boston, that means millions of Democrats and Independents came here for their analysis.

"Talking Points" is very grateful that happened and must thank Michael Moore for being part of our success. We respect the fact he came in here and believe everybody who saw that interview was well served.

And that's a memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Our pals over at the ACLU have a conundrum on their hands. If the group signs a certification stating it will not employ people who appear on federal terror watch-lists, it could get a million bucks in federal charitable donations. But if the ACLU refuses to sign, no cash.

Since the ACLU is against any profiling of suspected terrorists — a ridiculous position on its own — it looks like they will pass on the money, which may be better spent elsewhere, if you get my drift.