Bill O'Reilly: Will violence mare the upcoming presidential race?

We have already seen violence at Trump rallies. Spurred on by anti-Trump protesters and that exacerbated by some Trump supporters overreacting. A disgusting display in a Republic dependent on freedom of political expression. We are seeing the same thing involving Bernie Sanders versus Hillary Clinton.

Last weekend in Las Vegas, some Sanders supporters vented their anger against establishment Democrats saying the primary system is rigged.


UNKNOWN FEMALE: We need stability in the Democratic Party, civility.

UKNOWN SPEAKER: Recount, recount, recount, recount.


O'REILLY: This issue in Vegas was the delegate count. Sanders supporters furious and some folks supporting the senator were disqualified for clerical errors. The chair of the Nevada State Democratic Party believes she is an actual danger.

ROBERTA LANGE, CHAIR OF THE NEVADA STATE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: They've attacked the place where I'm employed, posted - - it's a restaurant in game bar.

They posted on their yelp, bad things about the restaurant. They've attacked my husband. They've had made a clone Facebook on my name and said awful things about my husband that looks like it's coming from me.

There is no end to the threat and the vile comments that have been made.


O'REILLY: Indeed Ms. Lange has been verbally assaulted.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: H I Roberta Lange, this is a citizen of the United States of America and I just wanted to let you know that I think people like you should be hung in a public execution to show this world that we won't stand for this sort of corruption. You cowardless (Beep), running off the stage! I hope people find you.


O'REILLY: And I hope police are working to find that guy and charge him with the felony threat.

Talking points believes that far too many Americans are hateful when it comes to politics. I see it every day on both sides and it's depressing. Dissent is fine. Disenchantment can be positive. I deliver stinging political critique every day on this program, but I don't hate anybody.

In trying to deal with people in power in a very precise way that is fact- based. Talking points also believes that America is in trouble because of terrible policies that have weakened the nation but also because compromise now seen as a weakness by many.

The truth is the trump is not evil nor is Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders nor Barack Obama.

Misguided maybe depending on your point of view, but not deserving of hatred. For the next six months the factor will spotlight the haters and hold them accountable.

A bit later on we will show you how to rank hatred and dishonesty from a George Soros funded group. Mr. Soros personally responsible for much of the vile stuff in the political arena. Of course, the worst part of all this hate is the effect will have on American children.

That will be terrible. And that's “The Memo”.