Bill O'Reilly: Will the media help President Obama in the last two weeks of the campaign?

By Bill O'Reilly

It is widely believed the national media want President Obama to win the election and when it comes to influence, it is the TV news operations that have it.

Newspapers mean little on the national level and the Internet is balking eyes so it is television that continues to bind the nation.

So let's rundown the players.

Diane Sawyer the anchor of ABC's "World News Tonight" early in her career she worked for Richard Nixon. She actually helped him write his memoirs. Miss Sawyer has no registered political affiliations, has given no money to political parties.

Brian Williams anchors the NBC "Nightly News". As a young man he was an intern in the Carter administration. He has no registered political affiliation. We could find no political donations given by Mr. Williams. However, he has said negative things about conservatives on a few occasions including telling David Letterman quote, "You can't say something shocking enough in some of these conservative crowds", unquote.

Scott Pelley, the anchor of the CBS evening news has no recorded affiliations and has given no donations. Mr. Pelley is a cautious journalist who has played it pretty straight.

Anderson Cooper, an anchor man on CNN, in 2004 he registered as a Democrat. He has criticized the Tea Party saying quote "Tea Party protesters and other voices are front and center driving moderates out of the GOP" unquote.

Piers Morgan another host on CNN, he's a British subject, and has fiercely criticized Mitt Romney. Mr. Morgan is a liberal man who has openly supported politicians like Bill Clinton.

Wolf Blitzer also holds court on CNN. He is not registered with any political party and has not given any donations. Mr. Blitzer was extremely complimentary of Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention and has criticized conservatives. In 2009, Mr. Blitzer suggested that the Tea Party is racist saying quote, "Most disturbing is a very small but vocal minority targeting President Obama's race," unquote.

Charlie Rose, the co-host of CBS "This Morning", in 1990 he was a registered Democrat. We can find no political donation made by Mr. Rose. Interview with President Obama on July 12th of this year Mr. Rose said, quote; "You have enormously successful healthcare legislation because the Supreme Court did not declare it unconstitutional. That is your proudest achievement in the first four years," unquote.

Matt Lauer, co-host of "The Today Show" he's not registered with any political party. We could find no political donations. In an interview with the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, Mr. Lauer asked this question, quote; "What is the evidence that you can present that the tax cuts of the Bush era have actually accomplished their goals?" While a legitimate question some believe Mr. Lauer tilts left.

George Stephanopoulos co-host of "Good Morning America" is a registered Democrat and worked as President Clinton's senior advisor. Although Mr. Stephanopoulos remains a traditional Democrat he does not often promote party politics on his program.

So there it is, the roster of national news people delivering campaign information. "Talking Points" believes there is not one, not one Republican among that group.

And that's "The Memo."