Bill O'Reilly: White suppression, the big lie

Joining white privilege is a new piece of far-left propaganda called white suppression. Basically, the anti-American zealots are trying to convince people that we have an unjust society, we need a complete overhaul in our political and economic systems. White privilege and suppression will be a big issue in the upcoming presidential campaign even if those terms are not openly used. So let's get down to it.

The other night on The Factor, I said this --


O'REILLY: Our traditional American values are under siege nearly everywhere. If you are a Christian or a white man in the USA, it's open season on you. Therefore, Hillary Clinton has an advantage. She can run a general campaign, first woman in the White House and I'm going to help you by increasing the entitlement society.


O'REILLY: That's my political analysis. You may disagree, but I can back up what I say all day long.

Enter "New York Times" columnist Charles Blow, a man who has never seen an alleged grievance he did not try to exploit. He writes, quote, "FOX News' Bill O'Reilly ratcheted up the rhetoric on Monday with the words 'Hillary Clinton for president' in yellow and all caps next to his face. He bemoaned the idea that our traditional values are under siege nearly everywhere.

He bemoaned? I just stated and what I stated is a fact. And if Mr. Blow doesn't know that, he should retire immediately.

But his agenda is to convince his readers that white people actively suppress black people, and other minorities. That is the general theme of the far left. Today, in another "New York Times" column, race baiter, Michael Eric Dyson wrote, quote: "Americans are bad of viewing race in real time. We prefer rose-tinted lenses and slow motion replays in which we can control the narrative and minimize our complicity in the horrors of our history."

Our complicity? Apparently, Dyson believes the slave trade continues to define America. Therefore, all white people are complicit is.

Complete bull. I have no complicity. None. I'm a big fan of John Quincy Adams, the abolitionist. And throughout my life, I've donated big money to help those suffering minorities in this country and all over the world.

Mr. Dyson doesn't care about that, the fact that I'm white and in a powerful position makes me the enemy.

Here's the truth: our traditional values in America are under siege. We're seeing dramatic changes in the definition of human beings on the abortion front, in the definition of marriage and in the definition of capitalism among other things. Anyone who denies that is a dishonest idiot.

It is true that in the corridors of power, white men still dominate. But there are many reasons for that but, if an American woman or minority wants to succeed in this country at a high level, they can. Blow and Dyson are examples of that.

Blow, who by the way is afraid to debate me, has a very good job in journalism, does he not? Dyson is actually a professor at Georgetown University and bloviates on television all over the place.

Again, the truth is that we live in a competitive society where hard work and the freedom to pursue happiness has made the country strong. Historically, minorities and women did not, did not have the same advantages as white men. And in some places that's still true, but not in most places.

No society is perfect. Police agencies, local political situations, corporations can all be corrupted. But there is no organized white suppression. And our system gives all men and women the chance to succeed in life if they do what is necessary to compete. And that's the truth. And that's “The Memo”.