Bill O'Reilly: What happened while I was away?

By Bill O'Reilly

Well, the Benghazi situation is fairly clear. It's now apparent the Obama administration tried to mislead Americans about what happened to Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other men killed by terrorists in Libya.

Even though a congressional committee has been formed, we pretty much know what happened. What we don't know is that President Obama was directly involved and that will be tough to nail down. What we do know is Ambassador Stevens traveled to the backwater of Benghazi despite the fact it was a dangerous place. Organized terrorists knew the Ambassador's location and planned their attack. American military knew quickly that the terrorists were causing damage but no one would give the order for the U.S. military to move into Libya -- no one. Thus, the four Americans were killed and subsequently no terrorists have been held accountable.

Some believe fault lies with Hillary Clinton then Secretary of State. But to be fair, Mrs. Clinton was running all over the world and didn't really have her attention on Libya. Why should she? With Iran, Syria, China and North Korea all causing trouble. Mrs. Clinton had her hands full, so to blame her for the attack in Libya not fair. Yes Security was bad and State Department was warned. But those are usually handled by others, not the Secretary of State.

However, after the attack, now Hillary Clinton should have stepped up and explained the situation. Instead, she, herself, referred to an anti- Muslim video as inciting the violence. She went along with what the Obama administration was falsely putting out there. And that was wrong. And that's on her.

The key question right now is: did President Obama himself actually come up with the false narrative? And no committee is ever going to get that defined unless a guy like John Dean steps forward. Dean was White House counsel to Nixon and his testimony took the President down.

So the congressional committee will uncover some facts, but unless a White House insider comes forward, the President will not likely be affected.

There is a second scandal surrounding Benghazi and that is that some in Congress don't want to know the truth. Just like Vice President Gerald Ford during Watergate, they are in denial.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The President was in the process of negotiating with the Soviet Union. The President was trying to end the war in Vietnam. I'm sure he turned to those running the re-election campaign and said: I have these major matters that involved the national security and the well- being of the American people and you run the campaign and therefore I'm convinced he had nothing whatsoever to do with Watergate.


O'REILLY: It is eerie, the same kind of stuff being said today about Benghazi.


PELOSI: Diversion, subterfuge, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. Why aren't we talking about something else?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The so-called scandals have not diverted us one iota.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We've already had thousands and thousands of pages of testimony, four committees in the House, two bipartisan committees in the Senate. So this is a waste of taxpayer money.


O'REILLY: Again, supporters of the President simply do not want to know.

Now, as far as the IRS scandal is concerned, the one woman who could break the case, Lois Lerner has been held in contempt of Congress as you know. If a federal grand jury is convened, Ms. Lerner could be charged with a crime and that is the only way, the only way she might tell the world what happened if she can make some kind of deal. Just one man will make that decision -- the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, Ronald Machen. It's up to him alone to call for a grand jury. Mr. Machen works for Attorney General Eric Holder and was appointed by President Obama. So "Talking Points" does not expect Ms. Lerner to face a criminal proceeding.

Did the White House actually order the IRS to target conservative groups? The President denied it to me on Super Bowl Sunday and again we are not likely to get to the bottom of this because our system is flawed. You can't make Lerner talk. For political reasons and you know (inaudible).

In other matters, a Muslim terrorist group kidnapped 300 girls. Mostly ages 16 to through 18 in Nigeria. Once again the world is shocked by the accusations of fanatical Muslim terrorists. The problem is not getting any better. There are scores of Islamic groups terrorizing civilians all over the world.

Yet, what are the Muslim nations doing about it? Very little there should be a summit among Muslim nations. Organizing against the jihadists, but there is nothing. And if you dare speak out against the Muslim world, you're a bigot. You are a terrible person. I mean, how much more trouble can one group cause on this earth? Everybody knows most Muslims are good people but a substantial minority cause trouble.

Muslim countries like Iran, Pakistan, Syria, openly kill civilians with little accountability. And another problem that seems to have no solution. Kidnapping little girls?

I mean, finally, very interesting social situation here in the USA. Gay football player Michael Sam drafted by the National Football League to play for the St. Louis Rams, got a lot of coverage, Mr. Sam kissed his boyfriend on camera, all of that. Some pro-players objected to the dog and pony show. They were immediately trashed.

"Talking Points" says this: let Mr. Sam play football, if he makes the Rams, great. But the gay thing, way overplayed. It's annoying. It really is.

And that's "The Memo."