Bill O'Reilly: Trusting President Obama

The mullahs in Iran are well aware that Barack Obama is a weakened president. At this point the trust factor is going against him. A recent Quinnipiac poll asked registered voters. "Who do you trust more to make decisions that are good for the country -- President Obama or the Republicans in Congress?" 42 percent say Obama; 47 percent Republicans; 11 percent don't know.

A new Fox poll recently asked. "Do you think honest describes President Obama or not?" Yes, it does -- 43 percent; no, it doesn't, 54 percent; don't know, 3 percent.

Also about a third of registered Republican voters say President Obama is more of an imminent threat to America than Putin. So it seems Mr. Obama has a trust deficit right now. That makes negotiating anything much harder for the U.S.A. Again, the Iranian mullahs who are tyrants and human rights violators well understand that Mr. Obama needs a deal with them. Another foreign policy failure will erode the President's standing even further.

So this deep suspicion among many Americans that any deal with Iran will be bad for us and no matter what Secretary of State Kerry brings back, that suspicion will remain.

When Barack Obama took office more than six years ago, the nation was filled with hope that a young politician would bring creative solutions to vexing problems. Instead, Mr. Obama has tried to impose an ideological agenda that has alienated the opposing party, Republicans and brought the nation into political conflict.

Recently I asked former Congressman Barney Frank what President Obama's main domestic accomplishments have been outside of Obamacare which is still being litigated, and the economy? By the way, I noted to Mr. Frank that American workers are still earning significantly less than they did six years ago so all economic analysis is subjective.

Barney Frank could not -- could not name another accomplishment.

Then, I asked two Democrat foreign policy experts to name Mr. Obama's primary accomplishment overseas. They came up with Myanmar -- Burma that's it.

So, if all Americans step back and take a hard look at the Obama administration, there don't seem to be many achievements. There is however, chaos overseas and a lack of trust here at home. It is a sad state of affairs when thugs in Iran have more power at the negotiating table than the United States of America.

And that's “The Memo”.