Bill O'Reilly: The V.A. scandal blows wide open

By Bill O'Reilly

Twenty-six facilities run by the Veterans Administration now being investigated for putting Wounded Warriors at risk. In Phoenix, there are charges. The V.A. tried to cover up delays in service for as many as 1,600 sick vets; 40 may have died while waiting for care. The situation is so intense that President Obama had to address it today.


OBAMA: We all know that it often takes too long for veterans to get the care that they need. That's not a new development. It's been a problem for decades. And it's been compounded by more than a decade of war. That's why when I came into office I said we would systematically work to fix these problems and we have been working really hard to address them.


O'REILLY: But the truth is the President has failed, failed to address the V.A. chaos effectively. Six years ago, he said this:


OBAMA: The true test of our patriotism is whether we will serve our returning heroes as well as they have served us. That's why I have pledged to build a 21st century V.A. as president.


O'REILLY: But that did not happen. In fact, things have gotten even worse at the V.A. on the President's watch. So once again, the Obama administration finds itself facing a scandalous situation that it knew about and did little to improve. President Obama is at the tipping point. It is one thing after another with his administration. The head of the V.A., General Eric Shinseki should be fired immediately it is lunacy to have Shinseki, who is overseeing the V.A. debacle investigate anything lunacy. He's not competent to run a federal agency. He's got to go. Just like Kathleen Sebelius was not competent to roll out Obamacare. Again, the truth, the truth is that the President gives power to incompetent people. And keeps them in place when things fall apart.

Look, the President of the United States is in charge. Are we all getting this? Are you understanding that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and other powerful Democrats? Mr. Obama is in charge. Yet, we see a more abundant economy. A chaotic foreign policy, scandal after scandal at home and constant refrains that the President is concerned. Yet, little gets done.

It is long past time to stop the political gamesmanship. Both parties should be working together to solve intense problems like the V.A. This is personal for us. We here at THE FACTOR know the V.A. is incompetence and callous to boot. How do we know that? Because FACTOR viewers, you guys, have donated an astounding $25 million to get high tech wheelchairs for vets severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not once did we hear from Shinseki or the V.A., not once did the General call to congratulate FACTOR viewers on their unbelievable largess.

Just this week Tony and Joyce Jaramin (ph) who live in Pittsville, Wisconsin donated $1 million dollars to the to get the track chairs to the wounded. Mr. Jaramin is a World War II vet and obviously a patriot. The V.A. and Shinseki should have been buying these life altering wheelchairs. But they totally ignored the situation. So good people like the Jaramins and again you guys had to do it.

That's not how the federal government should work. To be fair President Obama has helped us in getting the high tech wheelchairs and I believe he does care about the vets. But, again, it was all about competence. Is it not?

And that's "The Memo."