Bill O'Reilly: The Obama administration, why is it not accountable?

By Bill O'Reilly

As we have been reporting, the rollout of Obamacare is a disaster. Yet the President has not acknowledged that. The woman Mr. Obama put in charge, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius obviously in way over her head, yet, she has not been replaced even as the situation deteriorates.

A new survey by USamp says that just 20 percent of Americans trying to log on to the health exchanges can do so without difficulty. A number of health insurance companies say their profits will decline as the confusion grows. And many Americans who really need good healthcare are being denied because of the increasing cost to the premiums and doctors who want no part of the program.

The whole thing is unacceptable because, remember, the Obama administration is spending billions of dollars just to put the program together. And the computers they are relying on are simply not working properly. The administration has had more than three years to get up and running. Yet today we have chaos and again, no accountability. Even ardent supporters of Obamacare see what's happening.


EUGENE ROBINSON: This really is a disastrous launch for a program that I supported. I think it's a huge advance.


ROBINSON: In healthcare. But come on -- it's a Web site. And you know, I can't imagine that, OK, it's broken. It doesn't work right. Why is it taking so long to fix?


O'REILLY: Yes why? Again this is not an ideological play on the part of Talking Points. From the jump I was willing to give Obamacare a chance. Even though I believe a fair healthcare system could have been accomplished by reforming the private sector. But now it's apparent that not only is the software not working, but the promises, the promises about the cost and accessibility of Obamacare are now coming true.

Here is the bigger picture. When we elect a President we expect efficiency we also expect clarity. When something goes wrong tell us, everybody makes mistakes. But when there is no accountability and no explanation, that's scandalous.

Another example, as you may know the Obama administration has never explained why security was so poor in Libya and why the American ambassador there and three others were murdered by terrorists despite warnings.

Now we learn that there was a White House meeting the day before the murders on September 10th, 2012? The meeting was about protecting Americans. But we don't know much about it. The President attended as did his top security guy John Brennan. There was a press release after the meeting that said the U.S. was taking steps to protect our people and interests overseas. But the very next day the Benghazi attack happened.

Fox News correspondent James Rosen wanted to know more about the meeting. So he asked Jay Carney.


JAMES ROSEN, FOX NEWS CHIEF WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: I wonder if you could tell us more about what those meetings entailed, who the participants were. How closely vetted that or thoroughly vetted that press release was and whether the White House might be willing to make available either to congressional investigators and/or to the public the e-mail, the memos and other sort of paperwork that was associated with the development of that press release.

CARNEY: It is clear because four Americans died on that day, that there was not adequate security. And that was revealed in the Accountability Review Board. And I would simply say when it comes to -- and I know that we're creating an exchange here for Fox and I'm mindful of that.

ROSEN: What we're engaged in here is not for Fox. It's for the record. Would you be willing to make any of those documents associated with that press release available as you did with the Susan Rice talking points?

CARNEY: James, I think we're done here, thanks.


O'REILLY: Stonewall. It's a pure stonewall. The exchange between Carney and Rosen lasted close to 10 minutes. But obviously answers are not forthcoming. So what's going on?

The reason Benghazi is so important is that terrorism continues to be a very lethal problem. The footage from the Kenya terror attack on September 21st shows how horrendous these jihadists really are. Nine suspects are in custody. You can you see some of them stalking civilians who are hiding in the Nairobi shopping mall.

These jihadists don't care who you are. They are going to shoot you down. Women, children, it doesn't matter. The footage of this is horrifying.

There is no question we are living in a very dangerous age. But the threat is not just from killers abroad, it's also from our own government which is becoming increasingly distant from the folks.

Obamacare is a radical change in the country. Some Americans will benefit from it, but others will be hurt. In a situation like that, we the people, deserve to know everything that's going on. If the government is going to hurt you, you need to know about it. But we don't know everything that's going on. We know very little because accountability is in short supply.

Now, you remember the President said healthcare costs for most Americans would drop. That does not seem to be the case. How come? The administration had three years to roll this out. Why the screw up?

In a responsible country the leadership would say yes, we made mistakes. So we'll delay the mandatory portions of Obamacare until we smooth things out. That would be fair. I think everybody would accept that.

Yet once again, the Obama administration will not even acknowledge there is a problem or hold anyone responsible. Much less try to mitigate the damage.

Add to that the fog around Benghazi and a number of other explained -- unexplained foul ups like fast and furious, and a vivid picture begins to emerge. The powers that be simply will not explain themselves.

And that's "The Memo."