Bill O'Reilly: The Iowa vote

You know the TV media goes nuts over these early political events and there is a lot of nonsense being spouted. Talking Points would like to set the record straight tonight.

Ted Cruz won largely on the strength of religious Republicans in Iowa and a well-organized campaign there. The Senator had to win and he did. Although Dr. Ben Carson now accusing the Cruz campaign of dirty tricks -- Carson will be here shortly.

Donald Trump ran second and his snub of the Fox News debate hurt him. Here is the proof -- late deciding Iowa voters broke for Marco Rubio 30 percent, Ted Cruz 25 percent, Trump just 14 percent. Had Mr. Trump showed up and done well in the debate, the late deciding numbers would not have been that way, in my opinion.

All the other Republican candidates got hammered, including Jeb Bush who spent some time and money in Iowa.

On the Democrat side, it was a tie but the tie means absolutely nothing. The reason is Hillary Clinton will win the nomination, even though Bernie Sanders is saying stuff like this:


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I-VT), DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Thank you so much, as you know we just got in from Iowa where we astounded the world. And now in New Hampshire we will astound the world again.


O'REILLY: Talking Points has a gentle message for Senator Sanders. Nobody was astounded, Bernie. All the polls said you would compete very well in Iowa. Also polling put Sanders ahead in New Hampshire. Nothing astounding about that either.

What is astounding is that anyone could actually believe Bernie Sanders will defeat Hillary Clinton for the nomination. That will not happen because minority voters in the larger states will break big time for Mrs. Clinton who is running as Barack Obama's shipmate.

In fact, Hillary Clinton's biggest opponent is the FBI. Not the socialist Sanders. The Bureau is actively investigating Mrs. Clinton's email problems and we'll have a special report on that tomorrow.

Now, in New Hampshire, Donald Trump's likely to win so all of those who say he has been damaged are full of it. It is clear that in Iowa religious voters preferred the very conservative Cruz. It's also clear that Mr. Trump made some mistakes campaigning in the Buckeye State -- Hawkeye State, I should say. Buckeye is Ohio.

But Trump is still very strong in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada -- the three upcoming votes. The media, of course, despises Donald Trump and will paint him as a loser if they can. But here on The Factor, we are fair and the truth is Trump remains very formidable.

Senator Marco Rubio the big winner in Iowa last night. His campaign is now very competitive and should remain so unless there is something about the Senator the folks don't know. Remember in New Hampshire voters can vote for any party so Rubio has a much wider audience than he had in Iowa.

Summing up -- Cruz, Trump, Rubio, all viable; Bernie, two-state pony; Hillary -- not damaged by early voting no matter how it goes. Her high noon, march 1st, the Super Tuesday primaries.

And that's “The Memo”.