Bill O'Reilly: The culture war goes worldwide

By Bill O'Reilly

If you have been watching The Factor you know that I have been reporting America is moving to the left very quickly. President Obama's election has emboldened many committed liberals and they are pressing their advantage in areas like taxpayer funded abortion, legalized narcotics and gay marriage.

Overseas the same thing is going on as the left is surging. In Rome on Sunday a group of gay activists stripped off their searches revealing the words "in gay we trust". The Pope was in the middle of a public prayer as the protesters tried to shout him down.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today we go with a -- with a message to Pope to shut up his mouth and not to -- not to give his advice to those people who decide to legalize gay marriage.


O'REILLY: The Italian police carried the protesters away but chances are nothing much will happen to them.

In France the new socialist president has vowed to enact gay marriage. That has angered some traditional French citizens including the sizeable Muslim population. So also last Sunday they took to the streets saying they want traditional marriage to be upheld in France.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): Whenever so many people are in the streets, it shows us that it's in fact a law which is not accepted by lots of people. The thing they should do is a referendum. Then we'll know what people really want.


O'REILLY: The French police say about 350,000 demonstrators showed up. Others say the crowd was much larger. So you can see that the culture war is intensifying. Now here in the USA traditional forces are scattered. The left is better financed, better organized and more motivated.

Mitt Romney lost the election partially because hundreds of thousands of traditional voters stayed home. They didn't like Romney. Perhaps he wasn't conservative enough, the result, a triumph for liberalism.

If traditional Americans want to stop the trend, they have to do it at the ballot box. And they have to convince younger Americans, minorities and apathetic people of which there are plenty that the country is heading for disaster.

Liberalism itself is not bad thing. If you look at American history some of our greatest accomplishments were driven by liberal leaders. But now we are looking at an emerging nanny state. Libertine social policies, the decline of religion and incredible, incredible selfishness.

That's what's on display here in America. And if traditional people don't begin standing up we will become Sweden. No question about it.

And that's "The Memo."