Bill O'Reilly: Scaring Americans

With the President's job approval ratings falling fast, some of his supporters are blaming the fear factor. They say things are not really that bad in the USA. But commentators like me and others are instilling fear among the population. Ebola, ISIS, the soft economy are all overblown they say. Danger is not imminent and fear is being used to damage the President.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's the atmospherics that's creating this sense is of doom and foreboding and chaos and so the particulars, if you look at them, they don't parse, right? They don't actually make sense as discreet things you ought to be scared of, but they are trying to create this atmosphere that you ought to be scared of it all.


O'REILLY: I'm scared of that commentary. Mr. Robinson is a long time left wing zealot, ardent supporter of Mr. Obama. Apparently he's not afraid of ISIS or Ebola or inefficiency in government.

So let's take them one by one.

There will be no Ebola epidemic in America. That will not happen. But the fact that the feds screwed things up so badly causing two Dallas, Texas nurses to contract the disease because a Liberian national with Ebola was admitted to the USA should scare the hell out of everybody. You may not get Ebola, but some of your fellow citizens could. And that scenario is frightening.

The Centers for Disease Control could not control the information flow or direct healthcare workers in the proper way. Once again, that's frightening. And the man in charge, Dr. Thomas Frieden should have been relieved of command.

Also travel restrictions on West African visas should have been imposed, and the fact that they have not been is frightening. It's interesting to read the "New York Times" writing about how great Senegal and Nigeria have done keeping Ebola away from their citizens. "Times" is full of praise for those countries, but one thing the liberal paper does not mention is that Senegal and Nigeria will not allow other Americans from the -- other Africans I should say from the Ebola regions entry. Somehow the "Times" missed that in its extensive coverage.

Now, on to ISIS and other terrorist activity. Some far left folks not all that concerned. They want to stay out of it they don't even want to mention the jihad or Muslim terrorism in general. It's over there. Why should we be afraid? Tell that to the families of the two Canadian soldiers killed this week in their own country by terrorists striking out at random.

All sane people should be fearful of terror activity all over the world. And the world should join together to destroy the jihadists. President Obama will have to stand on his own performance. The smoke screen of fear is nonsense -- just another lame attempt to divert attention away from the real problem, weak leadership.

And that's “The Memo”.