Bill O'Reilly: Pushback on charitable giving and liberal politicians

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By Bill O'Reilly

As you may know, President Obama will try to get re-elected running as a social justice guy who wants to spend vast amounts of money helping the folks.

The Republicans will counter saying the country is on the verge of bankruptcy and fiscal responsibility must be restored. That is the main issue in the campaign.

While analyzing that issue, I pointed to the charitable giving on the part of some politicians saying that Vice President Biden and former Vice President Gore are cheap... a blunt but true statement. Mr. Biden donates about 1.5 percent of his income to charity. And in the year 1997 Al Gore gave a paltry $353 bucks to charity when he earned almost $200,000.

My point is that there are some liberal Americans who demand high tax rates but they themselves are not very generous when it comes to giving to charity. And that is a fact.

But some object to the analysis. Writing in the South Florida "Sun Sentinel" columnist Steven Kurlander says, quote, "O'Reilly was totally off base and mean-spirited to highlight Biden's record of charitable contributions based on his income tax returns alone to try to out him as a cheap political scrooge. There are also forms of charity that are not monetary. These include random acts of kindness," unquote.

Well, that's nice. Random acts of kindness? And I hope Vice President Biden does that. But I'm talking cash here. Currency, the money the Obama administration is demanding from me and all American workers in order to help out those who don't have very much.

"Talking Points" believes in walking the walk. If you're a social justice person and want society to help the poor, then set an example. Is that too much to ask? Mr. Biden and Mr. Gore are cheap when it comes to giving to charity. I'm sorry Mr. Kurlander finds that mean-spirited but it's the truth.

In the same "Talking Points" memo last week I praised Presidents Obama and Clinton for being generous in their charitable giving. So obviously mine was not a partisan analysis. But again, if you are a liberal person who wants more of my hard-earned money then I expect you to be fair in what you give. Reasonable?

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

A cartoon, "Doonesbury" has been around for 40 years. Once in a while, it's humorous. Once in a while, it's dopey.

So today, the author, Garry Trudeau, did this. "Hey Mel, who was that dude you were talking to?"

"FOX reporter. He wanted to confirm that the war is going great."

"Oh, yes? Good to know."

"More evidence that watching FOX really does make you stupider."

"It's like getting your news from the town drunk."

Well, I guess that passes for wit these days from Mr. Trudeau. "Pinhead?" You bet.