Bill O'Reilly: President Obama revealing himself

If you did not see "60 Minutes" last night it's worth watching the interview with Barack Obama. It's instructive because the President honestly feels he is doing an excellent job. He seems to have no doubts at all that the soft economy and the chaos overseas have anything whatsoever to do with him.

It is amazing to watch this but all Americans should.

We begin with ISIS.


KROFT: Somebody has to take them on. I mean what's going on right now is not working. I mean they are still occupying big chunks of Iraq. They are still occupying a good chunk of Syria.

OBAMA: Right.

KROFT: Who is going to get rid of them?

OBAMA: Over time the community of nations will all get rid of them and we will be leading getting rid of them. But we are not going to be able to get rid of them unless there is an environment inside of Syria and in portions of Iraq in which local populations, local Sunni populations are working in a concerted way with us to get rid of them.


O'REILLY: So the President is telling the world and Americans that Sunni Muslims must defeat a group that has pledged to deliver death and destruction to America. Sunnis -- people who live in hobbles in a desert - - they have to defeat them.

Second sound bite, the $500 million wasted by the Obama administration trying to train Syrians to defeat the brutal dictator Assad.


KROFT: If you were skeptical of the program defined and identified, train and equip moderate Syrians why did you go through the program?

OBAMA: Well, because part of what we have to do here, Steve, is to try different things because we also have partners on the ground that are invested and interested and seeing some sort of resolution to this problem.


O'REILLY: Try different things. Sounds like a Chinese buffet restaurant - - just incredible.

Third sound bite -- the collapse of Mr. Obama's foreign policy.


KROFT: There is a perception in the Middle East among our adversaries certainly and even among some of our allies that the United States is in retreat. That we have pulled our troops out of Iraq and ISIS has moved in and taken over much of that territory. The situation in Afghanistan is very precarious and the Taliban is on the march again. And ISIS controls a large part of Syria.

OBAMA: I guarantee you that there factions inside of the Middle East and I guess factions inside the Republican Party who think that we should send endless numbers of troops into the Middle East. That the only measure of strength is us sending back several hundred thousands troops.


O'REILLY: So according to President Obama, there is no solution -- no solution to radical Islamic terror other than sending several hundred thousand U.S. troops into dangerous areas. So because he is averse to using any ground troops he sits back and does little because there's no solution.

The results in the Middle East and Europe are glaring. Talking Points well understands no president wants to admit failure ever. Recently the Carter administration almost wrecked the country. Mr. Carter lost big to Ronald Reagan but never admitted he had had fouled things up.

Throughout history that's been the case. I mean Herbert Hoover wouldn't even cop to the great depression. So as President Obama enters his final year the nation is struggling but in his eyes, he has done a fine job. And believes he would win re-election again. He really believes it.

And that's “The Memo”.