Bill O'Reilly: Making Jon Stewart understand America

By Bill O'Reilly

I must say the left in this country extremely creative. They spin and put out stuff that never ceases to amaze. The latest about my interview with President Obama the liberal spin is the interview dealt with phony issues, stuff trumped up by the Fox News Channel.


STEWART: I (inaudible) Fox on Sunday there before the Seahawks scrimmaged would be team of stoned Colorado teenagers. Fox aired another world class matchup as the most powerful man in the free world sat down with Obama to cover topics like loose nukes, Middle East peace, trade regulations, and the environment. That's just (EXPLETIVE DELETED) with you.

O'REILLY: Libya, your detractors believe that you did not tell the world it was a terror attack because your campaign didn't want that out.

I've got to get to the IRS. You are saying no corruption.



Healthcare, when did you know there were going to be problems with those computers?

STEWART: Look at that O'Reilly, dipping whole scale into the full Fox scandal grab bag.

And while many of those issues have been thoroughly investigated on multiple occasions, it's a big show. It's the Super Bowl preshow. You've got to play the hits.


O'REILLY: Ah, Mr. Stewart echoing what President Obama said that some of the issues I brought up have been, quote, "thoroughly investigated", unquote. Of course, that's a farce. There have been no cogent explanations about why the administration misled the world over Benghazi. There have been no arrests either in the terror killings there likewise with the IRS no explanation about who was behind the targeting of conservative groups even though the President vowed to find out.

And finally on Obamacare only eight percent of people using the affordable healthcare Web site -- eight percent say it's working well after all these months. Again, no explanation as to why that is. Now, I know and you probably know, too that these issues aren't important to Jon Stewart or even to the President. They don't see them as vital because they don't pertain to social justice or global warming.

So, if I ask about those issues I'm a doofus, a scandal monger. That's the spin now I'm going to speak very slowly so Stewart and his crew can take some notes.

Number one: there are serious charges that the Obama administration would not tell the truth about Libya because of the upcoming presidential election. Those charges have not been proven but they are in play.

Number two if the Internal Revenue Service is abusing its vast power every American should be concerned there has been little done by the Obama administration to uncover possible abuse of power.

And finally the American people are being forced to accept Obamacare and right now despite billions of dollars spent it's still chaotic. I believe that might be an important issue. Are you hearing me out there in left wing fantasy land? Good grief. And that's "The Memo."