Bill O'Reilly: Is President Obama misusing his power?

By Bill O'Reilly

The answer is yes. He is misusing presidential power but not in the way you might think. In the past, some presidents have misused their power in aggressive ways. Richard Nixon intimidating witnesses in the Watergate break-in -- that led to his resignation; Lyndon Johnson misleading the American people about the war in Vietnam; and John Adams trying to suppress the free press using the Alien and Sedition Acts.

But today we have a president who s misusing his power by not using it to solve vital problems. The evidence is clear on the border. We now know the Obama administration was told a year ago that organized criminals were beginning to smuggle children into the USA in great numbers. The President could have summoned the countries involved to a conference in Washington. He could have cracked down as soon as the cartel has got into the people's smuggling business. He did not. And now the USA will have to deal with about 100,000 desperate children.

By the way, this coming Friday the Presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador will finally arrive in Washington for that conference -- a bit late, don't you think?

Then we have the ISIS terror army which is taking taken over a third of Iraq. It's now persecuting Christians killing some of them, forcing others from their homes. And what has President Obama done to the ISIS army? Has he bombed their caravans to and from Syria? Has he directed drones at their leaders in their headquarters? No, he has not. And U.S. Intel warned the President that Islamic militants were gathering power and Syria. But he did nothing, nothing to stop that.

And finally Putin there's no question that he armed the terrorists in Ukraine with rockets that shot down the Malaysian plane. Putin did it just as he annexed Crimea, just as he provides advisors and weapons to these terrorists who are killing innocent human beings every day. President Obama slapped a few sanctions on Putin but nothing like he could have done.

You may remember that "Talking Points" suggested President Obama meet with American bankers and cut off all credit card receipts from Russia. That would have brought Putin to his knees. It's quite clear Mr. Obama does not want to lead in the traditional way. He apparently wants to ruminate about things, discuss, create consensus.

The signal he consistently sends is that America will not right wrongs except in emergency circumstances. The problem is, the President does not see the border incursion as an emergency, he wouldn't even go down there. Nor does he see the ISIS army as an emergency, nor does he see Vladimir Putin as a power-mad villain who needs to be neutralized. Instead -- instead President Obama wants to ask German Leader Merkel what she would like to do.

Add it all up you get a misuse of the power that we the American people bestowed on President Obama.

Finally let me give you one vivid example of how presidential power should be used. Mr. Obama calls the Mexican president up Nieto. He gently tells him that unless Mexico southern border is closed to all illegal alien traffic, U.S. trade agreements with Mexico will be suspended. And by the way, Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi imprisoned in Tijuana, he must be released within 24 hours on humanitarian grounds. It's all Mr. Obama has to do. And those two problems will be solved.

And that's "The Memo."