Bill O'Reilly: How the Internet is deceiving you

As you may know, the movie "American Sniper" is a huge hit and it's favorable to the U.S. Military. Clint Eastwood's film makes a sharp distinction between the evil of the terrorists in Iraq and the nobility of the American sniper, Chris Kyle. Because of that, the far left is going nuts launching hateful attacks on the film and on Mr. Kyle.

And most of the libel is found on the net. Here is a good example of how all Americans are being deceived not only about "American Sniper" but about important issues in general.

This woman, 33-year-old Amanda Taub writes for a Web site called That site is crazy far-left. Ms. Taub may be a murder sympathizer. After Taliban savages murdered 132 schoolchildren in northern Pakistan outraging the world, Ms. Taub tried to explain why the Taliban did it.

Quote, "Taliban militants have been killed during the group's years- long conflict the Pakistani military. The Pakistani military's use of bombings and artillery strikes virtually guarantee civilian casualties. It is also plausible that the Taliban believes earnestly that the Pakistani military is deliberately targeting its family members."

So here we have Amanda Taub providing a rationale for the slaughter of 132 innocent schoolchildren. Does it get much worse?

Her article about "American Sniper" was posted on a number of Internet providers including Yahoo but those providers did not tell you, the reader, who Ms. Taub is or the quality of the organization for whom she works. They just post her disgusting stuff without any context.

Here is what Taub said about the movie. Quote, "American Sniper stacks its narrative deck using imaginary history and characters to give Chris Kyle a suitably evil foe to fight. While it's never great to see a movie falsify a true story, American Sniper's disdainful attitude towards the truth is especially disingenuous."

Taub's view is, of course, preposterous. She portrays the enemy in Iraq as victims of American aggression. Therefore, Chris Kyle and all U.S. troops are the bad guys in her mind.

Here's the truth. Mr. Kyle and all-American military personnel were fighting two main groups, the Ba'athists who supported the savage Saddam Hussein and the al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, hardcore terrorists who committed atrocities on civilians that horrified the world. Those are the people Chris Kyle killed with his sniper rifle.

The chief danger here is not from a propagandist like Amanda Taub. It's the entire Internet climate. Americans are often presented with information that's false, libelist and distorted in the extreme. There are no journalistic standards on the net. Few Web sites even have editors looking at it. They just post this stuff and walk away.

Unfortunately, many Americans believe what they read. And, therefore, there is danger to the republic. If you know anything about history, you know that dictators both on the left and the right first controlled the press. The Nazis and the communists put out a steady stream of dishonest garbage brainwashing their population.

To some extent, that's happening now in free societies with the elevation of the net. And it's flat out dangerous.

And that's “The Memo”.