Bill O'Reilly: Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton

Secretary Clinton's big victory in New York last night knocks Bernie Sanders pretty much out of the race. Although Mrs. Clinton still faces an FBI investigation, barring an indictment over the email situation, she will represent the Democratic Party in the presidential election. Donald Trump also scoring very big in New York.

And now it looks like he will get the Republican nod. Talking Points does not see a way for the GOP establishment to stop Mr. Trump. Even if he doesn't have the 1237 delegates needed to be nominated on the first ballot. Simply put, Trump is so far ahead that Ted Cruz and John Kasich or any other Republican phantom simply does not have the constituency to take the nomination away from Trump. Any back room dealings will be quickly exposed and will doom the Republican Party. So, I must admit that I'm stunned. As I said last night here on THE FACTOR, the two most shocking political stories in my lifetime are the assassination of President John Kennedy and the rise to political prominence of one Donald J. Trump.

History will record that this was an uprising, a movement of the people supporting a candidate who has absolutely no ties to the political establishment. Republican voters are so angry they don't care what Mr. Trump says about other people. They don't care if his programs are controversial. They simply want to hear his message stated in a blunt way. Trump strategy has been brilliant in mobilizing support. But it's also put him in a position where most Americans now view him unfavorably, at least according to the polling. The real clear politics average has Mr. Trump's unfavorable rating at 65 percent. Hillary Clinton is at 54 percent.

Those numbers can, of course, come down because now it's really a one-on- one race for the White House. That being said, Bernie Sanders likely will hang in there because if Mrs. Clinton is indicted, he will be in line for the nomination. I also expect Ted Cruz to compete energetically in the remaining primaries and John Kasich to at least make it through the northeast primaries that will come to a head next Tuesday. All in all, tall cotton right now for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Whether you like them or not, you have to give them both credit for entering a very tough arena. And emerging victorious.

And that's “The Memo”.