Bill O'Reilly: Crime, punishment and African-Americans

By Bill O'Reilly

Over the July 4th weekend, 48 people were shot in Chicago, 11 of them dead -- all were black according to the "Chicago Tribune." As you may know the murder rate in Chicago is a disgrace. And 75 percent of all the murdered victims were black according to the latest stats available. But this story is largely untold in America because the national media refuses to cover it.

Meantime the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin trial is saturated with media coverage. The reason is race. A light skinned Hispanic accused of murdering a black teenager.

Believe me the 11 people shot dead in Chicago over the weekend will not get a smidgen of coverage because it's likely that blacks killed blacks. Fact of life in America, that there are some stories that will not be told because of race.

A new Rasmussen poll illuminates that. When asked which racial group was most racist -- 37 percent of Americans say blacks; 15 percent say whites; 18 percent Hispanics.

Even among African-Americans themselves blacks come out as the top racist group -- 31 percent of black Americans say their own race heads the list; while 24 percent consider whites the most racist group. Now the media wants no part of any of that and I guarantee you the poll will not be widely discussed.

The only thing the American press will embrace is the specter of oppression. That is, if a white American kills a black American or any other minority, then the story gets covered. That's wrong and causes racial division. We're supposed to be equal in this country. Of course, that's impossible but it is a noble goal.

There's no question the Zimmerman trial is now a racial deal rather than a justice deal. And if George Zimmerman is acquitted, by a jury of five white women and a Hispanic lady, there will be racial animus. Wait and see.

And that's "The Memo."