Bill O'Reilly: Assessing the presidential election with three weeks to go

By Bill O'Reilly

The Real Clear Polling Average is a tie between President Obama and Mitt Romney. And that's amazing after all this time. When a challenger is tied with an incumbent the challenger usually wins because the better known man should have the advantage in name recognition and achievement in office but obviously Mr. Obama has no such advantage right now.

The debate tomorrow night will be important. But with the town hall format it's going to be easy for both candidates to simply state talking points. The folks asking the questions are regular folks, usually throw around general stuff like my cousin Otis can't find a job, what can you do for him? If I'm the President I say well, if Otis was an auto worker, there would be no problem because I saved the industry.

If I'm the Governor I'd say I have a cousin named Otis and got him a job when I created thousands of jobs while working in the private sector. You get the idea.

The vice presidential debate last Thursday didn't do much to help either party. The Rasmussen Daily Tracking poll today has Romney up by one. Pretty much the same as before Biden and Ryan rumbled and what about that?

Well, here is my take since I was off on Friday. Vice President Biden knows this liberal ideology, no question. But he acted like a condescending talk show host during the debate. Please hold the personal attacks on me with that reference.

So I think that Biden hurt his own cause, especially among women voters who the Democrats need badly. Many ladies don't like the arrogant words and gestures directed toward anyone much less Paul Ryan, who conducted himself with dignity. It may not show up immediately in the polls but Biden did himself and the President no favors.


MARTHA RADDATZ, ABC NEWS: One of the things I think Joe Biden did was in that intimate -- in that little intimate table, it's very small, he was too big. He was like he was at a campaign event. You could even -- you could feel that, especially at that table, that that Joe Biden was so aggressive.


O'REILLY: Now, there is nothing wrong with being aggressive when you feel strongly about something. But Biden wanted to diminish Ryan. Instead, he diminished himself.

By the way, Mr. Biden has dodged The Factor for years. And tonight I would like to invite him to bring his road show on this broadcast. He could attempt to diminish me all he wants. This is a great opportunity, Mr. Vice President.

As for the presidential candidates themselves, neither has committed to appear on The Factor. And the clock is ticking. Last time around the President did talk with us early in the campaign but John McCain avoided us. I think the Senator now believes that was a mistake. And John Kerry personally told me he made an error not coming on this program when he ran for president.

We reach many Independent voters here and it goes all over the Internet whatever we say here. So we hope the President and the Governor will step up.

And that's "The Memo."