Bill O'Reilly: Another busy day at the White House

President Donald Trump met with executives of the big motor companies today, vowing to cut corporate taxes and asking the moguls to build more plants in the USA. Obviously, Mr. Trump is trying to gin up the economy by urging big business to invest in America.

He is also threatening, however, 35 percent import taxes on those carmakers who build in Mexico and want to sell here. In addition, the President signed an executive action aimed at opening up the Keystone and Dakota oil pipelines. President Trump believing that will create jobs and energy profits. Of course, that will anger the environmentalists, but Mr. Trump does not care. In fact, he ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to essentially stop communicating with everyone!

No social media, no press releases, nothing! But perhaps, the most controversial thing that happened today was not anything that Donald Trump did, but a change in policy. You may remember that President Obama signed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order. That stops the deportation of migrants who were brought to this country by their parents illegally. During the campaign, Donald Trump was up and down on a so- called action DACA action, but now, the policy is this.


SEAN SPICER, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: On the DACA piece, I think the President has been clear that he is going to prioritize the areas of dealing with the immigration system, both building the wall and making sure that we address people who are in this country illegally. First and foremost, the President has been very, very clear that we need to direct agencies to focus on those who are in this country illegally and have a record, a criminal record, or pose a threat to the American people.


O'REILLY: So, applications from the so-called "dreamers" continue to be processed by the immigration services. And the threat of mass deportations is not likely to come about in the Trump administration. Finally, the President has asked FBI Director James Comey to stay. "Talking Points" is a bit surprised. Mr. Comey now allied with politics, whether that is fair enough. I was critical of Mr. Comey for releasing documents on some Fridays before holiday weekends, it's an obvious technique to suppress information. However, I don't know how effective Mr. Comey is in his job.

But again, he is keeping it, at least for now. Summing up, the second full day on the job, President Trump continues to be an activist. He is angering environmentalists, still threatening companies that move overseas, but doing all of that in the name of the American worker. Clearly, the Trump administration is putting economic growth above all else. And that is "The Memo".