Bill O'Reilly: A good week for President Trump

If you have noticed an uptick in the media-Trump hatred, it is no accident. After a few rocky weeks, the President has had a very good few days. He met with the President of Egypt and the King of Jordan. Both men praising him lavishly. This is important because Egypt and Jordan are helping America in the fight against ISIS.

Also, Mr. Trump got an enormous break when the Susan Rice story hit. Whether the former National Security advisor under President Obama did anything wrong or not, story has taken attention away from allegations about the Russia-Trump campaign stuff. So, even though the left-wing media doesn't want to cover the Susan Rice story, that's obvious, fair news agencies like the FOX News Channel are discussing it. And the American people are aware of it.

That helps deflect liberal bias against President Trump. And then, then is looming appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Democrats in the Senate blocked the vote today but now, Republicans have changed the rules and the judge is likely to be confirmed tomorrow. That is a big win for President Trump because the Judge is a traditional man who will not rule, not rule on his political beliefs as some Supreme Court justices now do.

Gorsuch is despised on the Left because they know he could be on the court for decades that he is not going to carry water for anyone. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if some conservative Americans are disappointed by Justice Gorsuch because he is not a political guy. All in all, President Trump is nominated a fair amount of the court, a person who will not buy into the myth of the United States need to be changed in dramatic ways.

Finally, Mr. Trump will meet with the Chinese president, an avowed communist, over the next few years in Palm Beach, Florida. I don't know if there are any other communists in Palm Beach, may be. As he hopes to get China's hope to subdue North Korea, which has become a major threat to the world. Mr. Trump also wants to modify trade deals, some more American products are sold in China, which is the most populated country on earth, nearly 1.5 billion people.

So, things have gone very well this week for Donald Trump. But as you know, every day is an adventure. However, it is safe to say the Trump haters are very frustrated this evening. And that is "The Memo".