Bill de Blasio on the importance of keeping kids healthy

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Hey, welcome to “Hannity.”

All right. We are going to change format a little tonight. Buckle up. Far left New York City Mayor, I affectionately call him Comrade de Blasio, 2020 Democratic hopeful.

Well, Bill de Blasio, to his credit, he sat down with me for an exclusive one-on-one interview. So far, he's the only 2020 Democrat brave enough to come on this program and we commend him for that. We cover a wide range of issues, went much longer than we thought, Obamacare, socialism, New Green Deal, police officers. No topic was off the table, immigration, abortion, Second Amendment. We got them all in.

So, without further ado, buckle up. The media? You are going to love this. Part one.


HANNITY: Do you support walls on our border?

MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO, D-NYC, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I support border security but not walls.

HANNITY: No walls?

DE BLASIO: I don't think we need additional walls, because -- OK, there's 11 million people here right now, Sean --

HANNITY: There is more.

DE BLASIO: Maybe. But this is what I don't get about the whole discussion bluntly on this network and a lot of other places.

HANNITY: Uh-huh.

DE BLASIO: Eleven million people are here, they've been here for decades. This is the biggest "don't ask, don't tell" in American history. Why are we allowing ourselves to be divided by the people when this already happened?

HANNITY: OK, how are you going to --


DE BLASIO: There is no invasion. These people here already are part of our community.

HANNITY: Ninety percent of the heroine that comes in to this country crosses the southern border. Fentanyl, a big percentage crosses the southern border. We're losing 300 people a week. You know all about the opioid epidemic in a big city like New York.

DE BLASIO: We fight it every day.

HANNITY: We have to -- we have to save these kids. And so, my question is between -- I think the 99 percent of people who want to come here, want what we have, and I don't blame them. There is 1 percent, though -- two- year period, there were 4,000 homicides, 30,000 sexual assaults, 100,000 violent assaults by illegal immigrant criminal. The 1 percent. I want to be very clear.

My question to you is very simple. If you don't have a wall, how are you going to stop them?

DE BLASIO: People get in with a wall, without a wall, that's not how you do it. What you do is you create an actual border security mechanism, you use every tool you need and you create a reality in our communities where - -

HANNITY: All across the border, no wall?

DE BLASIO: Hold on, in our communities where police and communities are working together. In the city, we have 170 crimes, that is if someone convicted, and they are undocumented, they are out of here.

HANNITY: OK, but you --


DE BLASIO: And we work with communities to make sure we find people who have done things that are inappropriate.

HANNITY: You've a sort of half have a sanctuary city and those --


DE BLASIO: -- any of these terms, I want to talk about facts.


HANNITY: Here's the facts: Bill de Blasio has nearly 500,000 illegal immigrants in his city. Those are the facts. Those are the census facts. And you said you want New York taxpayers to pay for their health care.

DE BLASIO: Sean, right now -- that's another charade. And you have to decide how honest you want to be.


HANNITY: Whoa, whoa, is that not true?

DE BLASIO: No. Where do they get their health care, Sean?

HANNITY: Wait a minute, did you not say that?

DE BLASIO: Wait --


HANNITY: You just accused me of being dishonest. Are there 500,000 --

DE BLASIO: I'm asking you -- there's 500,000 people --

HANNITY: Do you want free health care for everyone, for every New Yorker?

DE BLASIO: I'm answering a question. I want every New Yorker --

HANNITY: Legal or illegal?

DE BLASIO: Everybody who's here --

HANNITY: Illegal or legal?

DE BLASIO: -- to get health care.


DE BLASIO: Because what's happening right now, folks go to the emergency room because they don't have a doctor and who is paying for it? The same taxpayers. The same taxpayers.

DE BLASIO: So, the answer -- it's a simple question. The answer is yes. Do you support New York City --


DE BLASIO: Why not have an honest conversation about the reality now?

HANNITY: Let me finish my thought. Just to be clear, 500,000 illegal immigrants in New York City should get free health care. That's what you just said.

DE BLASIO: Everyone who lives here gets the health care they need so that everybody could be health, not get each other sick and --

HANNITY: Even if they are illegal?


DE BLASIO: Even if they're undocumented, I'll tell you why, because otherwise, what's happening, people go to the emergency room, the taxpayers pay anyway.


DE BLASIO: People get sicker.

So, these are human beings who are part of our economy, who are part of our neighborhood.

HANNITY: Uh-huh.

DE BLASIO: Right? Every neighborhood in the city, there is not a sign that says who is undocumented.

HANNITY: I got your answer. I understand. Let me move on to the next question.


DE BLASIO: Wait a minute, whoa, whoa, two-way street. So, do you agree that people go to the emergency room when they are sick --

HANNITY: I think that we should --

DE BLASIO: -- and we end up paying for it anyway?

HANNITY: If you want to change the laws, my answer is, I believe we should -- no nation, we're a constitutional republic. I revere our Constitution. I revere the rule of law.

And I understand I think why 99 percent of people want to be here because they want what we all take for granted that God has given us. I want to have a wall to stop the heroin -- let me finish. Stop the cartels --

DE BLASIO: Yes, but you're not answering my question.

HANNITY: I am answering your question. And I want criminal elements to be vetted and I want a big door that says welcome to our family, welcome to our country.

DE BLASIO: So, you want comprehensive immigration reform.

HANNITY: Well, I'm telling you --

DE BLASIO: No, but do you want comprehensive immigration reform? We got 11 million people here right now.

HANNITY: After we build the wall.

DE BLASIO: Oh, come on! What about 11 million people who are here?

HANNITY: After we build the wall and secure our borders, my answer is absolutely, we give those highly coveted slots to the people that respect our laws.

DE BLASIO: Sean, this is why it's such a charade. You got 11 million --

HANNITY: A charade?


DE BLASIO: It is a charade, stop it. What you are doing and what your network does too often is try to distract people --

HANNITY: My network, by the way, there are people on my network that don't like a single word I say. What are you talking about? We're not monolithic --


DE BLASIO: I agree you are not a monolith but too much of the time, what FOX and News Corp do is trying to take people's minds off the fact they are being screwed economically by the 1 percent.

HANNITY: We're going to get to that in detail.

DE BLASIO: No, but you're not answering it.

HANNITY: No, but I promise, after the lightning round, which isn't really lightning, we are going to get back to that. I promise.

DE BLASIO: You're honestly going to tell me why it's OK that the 1 percent are paying less and less in taxes?

HANNITY: Now that we're back to lightning round, I want to ask you a new question. And we are going to get back --


DE BLASIO: Are you promising me you're going to answer that question?

HANNITY: We're going to get back to immigration, we're going to get back to taxes, I promise you.

DE BLASIO: Aha, I'll be watching.

HANNITY: You're watching. You're sitting right here. You're watching yourself. Watch the monitor right there, you can watch yourself.

DE BLASIO: I'm watching.

HANNITY: All right. You came with some of New York's Finest. If you go to work every day like the people that are with you to protect you, which I fully support, because these are dangerous times. And they are our police officers and they are armed. And we have a big debate because there are -- I've been a responsible gun owner my entire life. Somebody calls my radio show and says, what kind of gun should I get, Sean? And I'm like, which gun do you want to get trained yourself, and what safety courses are you going to take?

It's all serous. My mom was a prison guard on Long Island for 25 years, 16 hour shifts every day.

DE BLASIO: God bless her.

HANNITY: And she had a loaded gun next to her bed and she made sure that 10-year-old kid, me, knew how to handle a firearm.

So, my question is, you have that. Hollywood stars can afford armed guards. Should every New Yorker, should every American, have the ability of -- God forbid the criminal element invades their home, invades their property, to have a gun in their home to protect themselves. What do you do?

DE BLASIO: You are in the safest big city in America.

HANNITY: I didn't ask you that.

DE BLASIO: I'm prefacing -- you prefaced all the time.

HANNITY: Go ahead.

DE BLASIO: You're in the safest big city in America, finest police force in America. We keep people safe. Crimes gone down six years in a row on my watch.

HANNITY: That's true.

DE BLASIO: It's true, thank you.

I believe right now, what's wrong in this country is not that people have rights around guns, is that there are no gun safety measures like background checks, like --

HANNITY: We do have background checks. I don't buy a gun without getting a background check.

DE BLASIO: We don't have sufficient background checks.

HANNITY: I have a gun -- a carry license in New York. I have to walk over hot coals tot get --

DE BLASIO: Right, I'm talking about the whole country. And by the way, asked the NYPD and they tell you they believe in strong gun laws to keep officers and civilians safe.

HANNITY: But my question is simple, does every New Yorker, if they are mentally stable, if they have the background check and they don't have a criminal background or mental illness problem, average people, should they have the same safety you have? And if somebody breaks into your house, would you respect their right to have a firearm in their house?

DE BLASIO: Everyone deserves to be safe.

HANNITY: I didn't ask for that.

DE BLASIO: The answer is not for everyone to have a firearm, any more than --


HANNITY: So, the answer is no.

DE BLASIO: I believe people have rights but I also believe we need background checks, we need an assault weapon ban, and waiting period per purchase.



DE BLASIO: Because right now, what's happening --


HANNITY: Every American has a shotgun in their house. Every New Yorker, you are not answering. You're dodging.


DE BLASIO: I'm not dodging. All the guns that are out there that are threatening our officers and civilians alike, that's the problem in our society.

HANNITY: I am asking you. Should every New Yorker have the same protection you have?

DE BLASIO: I believe everyone has the rights. I believe we need new gun safety law and --

HANNITY: I believe people have rights, should they have a right to a gun?

DE BLASIO: -- we have a police department and I've added 2,000 officers on patrol on this city in the last few years --


DE BLASIO: -- that is making it safer all the time. It's the best way to protect people.


HANNITY: Should every New Yorker that has a perfect mental health -- hold on, have a perfect mental health record and have a background check, would you agree that they have a right --

DE BLASIO: They have a right to be safe.

HANNITY: -- do you agree they have a right to have a gun in their house?

DE BLASIO: They have a right to be safe.

HANNITY: Great. Do they have a right to a gun? Yes or no?

DE BLASIO: I'm answering you. The safest way --

HANNITY: You're not answering.

DE BLASIO: -- to do is to have us to police department that is supported by --


HANNITY: -- by the time you call the cops, even if it's a great response time, you might be dead. DE BLASIO: Again, we just have a different --


HANNITY: You're protected. You have a team around you.

Does every New Yorker, if somebody breaks into their house, they're good people, they're law-abiding people, who pay their taxes, obey the rules, pass the background check, should they have a right to a gun in their house? Yes or no?

DE BLASIO: I ain't buying what you are selling.

HANNITY: You're not buying. So, the answer is no but you're afraid to say it.

DE BLASIO: No, my answer is my answer. You don't get to tell people what their answers.


HANNITY: Should New Yorkers have a right to a gun n their house?

DE BLASIO: The question here is how do we make people safe? It is to have --

HANNITY: It's not my question.

DE BLASIO: Yes, it is.

HANNITY: That wasn't my question. I didn't ask you that.

DE BLASIO: How do we get guns out of this society, they're everywhere, they can't be everywhere. They're threatening our officers and civilians (ph).

HANNITY: The answer to your question is New Yorkers that have perfect mental who are willing to go through background checks should not be allowed to have a gun in their home?

DE BLASIO: I just don't play by your rules.

HANNITY: Should they be allowed to --

DE BLASIO: Now, you do this with everyone, let people define themselves. Do you want to hear the truth? I am telling you --

HANNITY: Can you have a gun is a simple question if they are law-abiding? Can they have a gun?

DE BLASIO: You are trying to set up a reality where you get to paint a picture on your own terms. It doesn't work that way. I am telling --

HANNITY: Mr. Mayor, those guys over there, what did I say, guys? I said, thank you to what you do every day. They protect you. You deserve to be protected.

You are the mayor of the biggest city in the world --


DE BLASIO: Everyone, everyone deserves to be protected and that's what we are doing here.

HANNITY: But they can't have a gun, can they? You can't have a gun?

DE BLASIO: Again, ask law enforcement if they want everyone to have a gun. That is not the way to keep everyone safe.

HANNITY: Listen, I appreciate you being here, but that is a simple question and you are dodging and ducking and you're flipping --


DE BLASIO: I have told you what I believe.

HANNITY: All right. That's fair enough.

You just say it's in the wrong hands, OK?

DE BLASIO: I think it's in the wrong hands.

HANNITY: So, here is Sean Hannity that's been financially independent since he's ten. You know all the jobs I've --

DE BLASIO: Right, I heard it. But what's your answer?


DE BLASIO: Do you think my (INAUDIBLE) isn't fair?

HANNITY: Do you think the money that I've earned and saved is in the wrong hands?

DE BLASIO: I think --

HANNITY: That's a yes or no. Do you think the money I've made is in the wrong hands?

DE BLASIO: Listen to what I'm saying. Do you think right now your viewers feel that it's OK that the wealthy have as much as they have and pay as little in taxes?

HANNITY: Do you think I work --


DE BLASIO: Do you think that big corporations pay nothing in taxes, do you think that's OK?

HANNITY: Do you know how much I made -- no, corporations pass taxes onto people. Corporations don't pay taxes. They will pass --


DE BLASIO: There are corporations that pay no taxes in America. Amazon is one of them. Do you think that's OK?

HANNITY: All I know is this, I've always known in my career and we learned it with Lois Lerner, that I better damn well pay my taxes because if I don't, I have no doubt that Obama-Biden would have get rid every tax -- here's what I will say. The kid that started out with no money, and started in radio to work for free and made $19,000 a year, and I left my home in New York and I went five years in Rhode Island, five years California, two years Alabama, four years Georgia, and I got lucky. I got hired here.

I'm asking, you still want $0.70 of every dollar I have, and then you want more if I've saved too much, and then you want more when I drop dead. I think you are stealing from me.

DE BLASIO: I want working-class people and middle-class people to get a better life.

HANNITY: Do I deserve that money because you say it's in the wrong hands? Is that my money?

DE BLASIO: This is my general view of the world. You got there with the help of friendly government policy. Not taking away your work. I'm not taking away your work.

But the rich have gotten richer for 40 years and paid less and less in taxes. Corporations in America are paying nothing in taxes.

HANNITY: Here's the thing --

DE BLASIO: That's not America. That's not America where the chosen few --

HANNITY: What do you think corporations when they -- when you raise their taxes, what do you think they do?

DE BLASIO: I think the problem with your whole line here is that you seem to think the status quo is OK.


DE BLASIO: I don't think your viewers that the status quo is OK.

HANNITY: What do you think corporations do when government like you raises their taxes?

DE BLASIO: They have to pay their fair share.

HANNITY: No, they pass the cost onto the consumers. Corporations don't pay taxes. You are right. They pass those costs onto us. We pay.

DE BLASIO: Do you think it's okay that their CEOs making 300, 400 times what their workers in their companies are paying?

HANNITY: Listen, let me tell you something. You're talking to the wrong guy. I'm a blue-collar guy. I worked 25 years in real work.

DE BLASIO: But I'm saying, do you think it's OK there are CEOs in America making --

HANNITY: Do you know what I'm most happy about?

DE BLASIO: -- 100, 200, 400 times what an average worker in a company is making? Do you think that's OK?

HANNITY: I am so happy that I gave you the numbers under Biden-Obama and I gave you the numbers under Trump. The New York Mets have Ray Sadique (ph), Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Duffy Dyer, Jerry Grote --


HANNITY: That's --

DE BLASIO: I gave the keys to the city. Did you know that?

HANNITY: We've never had -- you did, that's cool, by the way.


DE BLASIO: I gave the keys of the city to the '69 Mets who are still with us, including Kranepool. And Bud Harrelson --


DE BLASIO: I gave each of the keys to the city.

HANNITY: Good for you. By the way, when do I get my key to the city?

DE BLASIO: If you join the Mets.


HANNITY: Oh, I've lived in the city.

DE BLASIO: You join the Mets, you might have a chance.

But the -- look, the bottom line is, I don't hear you saying --


HANNITY: You should thank Donald Trump. Do you know why? Because listen, I -- I believe in God. I believe God created every man, woman, child on this earth, with all my heart. I need to be a better Christian, but I want to be a Christian.

And I really believe that. And the fact that we have the best employment situation since 1969, the best -- the lowest unemployment, record unemployment.

DE BLASIO: OK, but what about people --

HANNITY: African-Americans, Asian-Americans --


DE BLASIO: Those are numbers, what about what's happened for decades?

HANNITY: Numbers, those are jobs. Those are people's jobs.

DE BLASIO: Listen. What has happened for decades before that? This is what you don't answer. I've been listening for an answer.

HANNITY: I gave you the Obama years.

DE BLASIO: Since from Reagan until now, the rich have gotten consistently richer, paying less and less taxes.

HANNITY: Keep going back to this.

DE BLASIO: No, because 40 years is a long time, we've got to break out of it.


DE BLASIO: Do you know what the old days were? Eisenhower and Kennedy, when the wealthy paid at the level I'm proposing, wealth was better shared. There was more investment.


HANNITY: Did you ever run a business?

DE BLASIO: Listen, I run a huge, huge --


HANNITY: I'm not talking about government. Have you ever run a private business?

DE BLASIO: Excuse me, I have 380,000 employees. I have a budget I have to balance.

HANNITY: No, not government. I'm talking non-government. Did you ever run a private business?

DE BLASIO: I'm asking you and you do not want to seem to answer the question.


DE BLASIO: Do you believe that in the last 40 years, working-class and middle-class people have not moved forward? I think if you ask your viewers, they would tell you that they have not moved forward.

HANNITY: My grandparents came from Ellis Island.

DE BLASIO: That's the point.

HANNITY: Hold on a second.

DE BLASIO: That's the point. The American dream they had, we don't have right now.

HANNITY: Hold on, they came here with on average 10 bucks in their pocket, all four of my grandparents. My father grew up poor in (INAUDIBLE), one of the good place at a time, my mom grew up in the South Bronx. They had nothing growing up, absolutely nothing. My father fights in World War II and --

DE BLASIO: So did my dad.

HANNITY: Yes, and he got a 50x100 lot, Long Island, $1,300 house? That was success.

The question is, yes, we can do better, but we don't -- government is not the answer, Mr. Mayor.

You said that money is -- you talk a lot about money being in the wrong hands.

DE BLASIO: Oh, absolutely.

HANNITY: Wait a minute. Are you saying the people that have money stole it?

DE BLASIO: Can I tell you the exact quote, let's be fair?

HANNITY: Money in the wrong hands.

DE BLASIO: I say there is plenty of money in this world, there's plenty of money in this country, it's just in the wrong hands.

HANNITY: How did it get there?

DE BLASIO: Working -- because of federal policies that took from working people and give it to the 1 percent.

HANNITY: OK, so you want a wealth tax (ph)?

DE BLASIO: I want working people to get their fair share. Should anybody be working for less than $50 an hour?

HANNITY: So, let's go -- I don't like the minimum wage --

DE BLASIO: You don't think people -- you work -- you describe your life as a working man, I respect that. Do you think people should get $15 an hour in today's economy?

HANNITY: No, because -- no, because it hurts kids that get jobs. We now have record low unemployment, youth unemployment, and I didn't work as a kid --

DE BLASIO: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Talk about people trying to support their family. You do not think people working hard to get $15 minimum-wage? Come on.

HANNITY: Mr. Mayor, let me go over the numbers that matter here.

DE BLASIO: This is what the labor movement fought for for years.


HANNITY: You said the following, money is in the wrong hands and you want to tax the hell out of people.

DE BLASIO: I do want and people should go to and they can get all the information about my tax plan, which is the most aggressive --

HANNITY: I have it. I want to go over with you.

So, the top 1 percent pay 30 percent of the taxes. The top 20 percent -- the bottom 50 percent of American wage earners pay 1 percent federal income tax. Fifty percent pays one and the other 50 percent, the rich, who you want to take more from, they pay it all.

So, my question is, in your city in New York, let's go over in New York, for example, all right? If the top marginal rate, I don't get the deduction any longer because of the president's tax deal --

DE BLASIO: I think that's a mistake.

HANNITY: I pay higher taxes.

DE BLASIO: But the president was wrong to take away state and local deduction.

HANNITY: No, you want me to pay more, so he's making me pay more.

DE BLASIO: No, he was wrong to take away, and by the way, middle-class people come working-class people paid for that.


HANNITY: What should the federal tax rate be for individuals, 70 percent?

DE BLASIO: For folks who make over $2 million income --

HANNITY: Seventy percent.

DE BLASIO: Seventy percent, when you combine everything.

HANNITY: That means they get to keep 30 percent.


HANNITY: OK, you take 70 cents out of every dollar.

DE BLASIO: Again, how long did we have this in this country for decades? Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, that was the tax rate then.

HANNITY: Seventy cents out of every dollar.

Corporations, what should they pay, is the top marginal rate for corporations that you want?

DE BLASIO: I think right now is way too low.

HANNITY: Give me a number, give a ballpark.

DE BLASIO: Ballpark, between 40 percent and 50 percent.

HANNITY: OK. No business is going to want to be in business and they will pass the cost onto the consumers and we will lose jobs.

Here's what we have in New York.

DE BLASIO: Here's the problem, wait a minute.

HANNITY: Whoa, I want to know what I pay in New York, OK? Because I pay the 9 percent state tax, I pay the city tax, you have me have 4 percent, you know, in New York. My income goes to you. I don't even live here. I don't live in the city. By the way, just saying.

DE BLASIO: You make a good income here.

HANNITY: OK. New York City has an extra 4.875 sales tax on top of that. Then if people out of 30 percent you're going to let them keep, you want to then come back later and say, well, if you saved millions, I want 1 percent more, 2 percent more, 3 percent more, you want another bite at the apple after they paid their 70 cents on the dollar.

One more thing, then if you drop dead, then New York gets another 60 percent.

DE BLASIO: So, what about the --

HANNITY: And the federal government gets 44 percent.

DE BLASIO: What about all the working people who created all the wealth, the guy who owns the factory, the guy who owns the company did not create the wealth. The people did the work create the wealth.

HANNITY: Why do you feel you have the right --

DE BLASIO: They are not getting their fair share.


HANNITY: All right. We're just getting started. The mayor has a lot to say, we'll see what he has to say about the wave of -- well, felony, assault, water attacks against the New York City police officers.

A lot more ground to cover. Stay with us.


HANNITY: So, for weeks, we've shown you these alarming videos of New York City police officers being assaulted and doused with unknown liquids. Some of them accused the mayor of preventing New York City's finest from adequately responding or making an arrest. So, what is the mayor doing to combat the shocking new trend?

Part two of my interview.


HANNITY: I mention the guys you came in this building with. I honor them. They to me are my heroes. That's my family, my extended family.

You know, I'm almost -- you can check it out. I applied to be a New York City police officer. And I got 99 on the test, and even pass the psychological, and then the physical. I was going to --

DE BLASIO: And standards were lower back then.


HANNITY: That was a jackass comment, but it's very good.

But here's the point -- I love these guys. We see them doused with water. We see those guys now, those are felony assaults against our bravest.

DE BLASIO: And those folks are being arrested who did that.

HANNITY: All right. So, I want this promise from you. I hope we'll agree on this.

I want every video gone over with a fine-toothed comb and every one of those people that assaulted your officers, our officers, that put a gun on because their jobs are dangerous every day, that protect and serve, I want a promise from you that you can identify every one of those people that attacked those guys --

DE BLASIO: That's what we do.

HANNITY: That hasn't happened yet.

DE BLASIO: Oh, come on!

HANNITY: You haven't arrested everyone of them. How many have been arrested?

DE BLASIO: They've been identified and arrested consistently -- the NYPD does its job.

HANNITY: How many have been arrested?

DE BLASIO: Wait, wait, wait. Are you saying --

HANNITY: Look at these videos.

DE BLASIO: I'm asking a question. Are you asking the NYPD is not doing their job? Let me give you some news.

HANNITY: I am saying those cops deserve better than that.

DE BLASIO: They deserve the very best and we are arresting each and every one who did any assaults.

HANNITY: Look, you can look right here, I want you to look.


HANNITY: Every single guy, every single face we see, will you arrest them?

DE BLASIO: Sean, anybody the NYPD deems who committed a crime will be arrested.


DE BLASIO: Listen, I want to say --


DE BLASIO: Respect the professionals in the NYPD that they are going to follow the law and go after anyone that did anything illegal.

HANNITY: Why do you make it so hard?

DE BLASIO: Because you are playing a game.

HANNITY: I'm not playing a game.

DE BLASIO: This is a serious thing.

HANNITY: I'm serious. I'm serious as a heart attack!

DE BLASIO: Do you not think the NYPD knows how to do its job? Because I know they know how to do their job.

HANNITY: Here's my question as a mayor of New York City. You are their boss.


DE BLASIO: I want you to answer the question. Do you know how to do their job? I'm still not hearing you answering.

I'm going to tell you. They know how to do their job. They know how to do their job. They brought down crime consistently. We're the safest big city in America.

HANNITY: I give you credit.


DE BLASIO: You got to respect the fact that these guys know what they are doing and they're going to bring them everyone to justice. I know that. I know that.

HANNITY: But here's my question for you. Every person on video that is assaulting --

DE BLASIO: Everyone who committed a crime will be brought to justice. Everyone who's committed a crime will be brought to justice.


HANNITY: Will you promise --

DE BLASIO: This is incredible. That's not a good enough statement for you that everyone who commits a crime will be brought to justice? That's America. That's America.

HANNITY: Is everyone in that video --

DE BLASIO: I believe our professionals who are police officers know who commits a crime and they will bring them to justice.

HANNITY: Is that video evidence over the assault?

DE BLASIO: Why do you not respect the NYPD enough to do their job?

HANNITY: That's a silly statement. I wore NYPD hat and shirt every day.

DE BLASIO: So, then, why don't you respect them to do their job?


HANNITY: Is that a crime that we're looking at, yes or no?

DE BLASIO: Sean, you either respect them or you don't. Don't play a game here.

HANNITY: No game.


DE BLASIO: This is ridiculous. These are professionals.

HANNITY: Will you promise to arrest?

DE BLASIO: These are professionals --

HANNITY: Will you promise to do it?

DE BLASIO: I'm not going to personally arrest them. The NYPD will arrest tem and they know what they're doing.

HANNITY: And you promise to try to arrest everyone?

DE BLASIO: Of course, anyone who commits a crime of any kind we're going to arrest.

HANNITY: Hallelujah. I got to St. Patrick --

DE BLASIO: No, quit playing the game, man. Stop it.

HANNITY: No, no, it's not a game to me. That's not a game.

DE BLASIO: You are playing a game, because you have to acknowledge that this is the finest police force in the nation.

HANNITY: That continues to happen.

DE BLASIO: Crime has gone --


HANNITY: The murder rate -- you had a low murder rate the last three years. Great. I'm happy. I give you credit.

DE BLASIO: Listen --

HANNITY: All credit unto de Blasio.

DE BLASIO: I give the credit to the NYPD. I put 2,000 officers on patrol. This is an extraordinary police force that is getting better all the time and working more and more closer to communities and that's going to take us forward.

But this stuff you are talking about? That's a smokescreen. They know how to do their jobs. They know how to do their job.

HANNITY: Mr. Mayor, this is not a game to me. As long as they're all arrested --

DE BLASIO: It's a game if you do not think they know how to do their jobs.

HANNITY: Slow down.

DE BLASIO: Why do you think they wouldn't arrest people?

HANNITY: As long as they are all arrested, I'm going to be a happy host.

DE BLASIO: Listen, respect the fact --

HANNITY: Do you want to host the show and interview me one day?

DE BLASIO: Listen to this, respect the fact that we didn't become the safest big city in America by accident. We did it by investing in our police --

HANNITY: Rudy Giuliani started it all.

DE BLASIO: Do you know what? David Dinkins, Rudy Giuliani --

HANNITY: No, not David Dinkins.

DE BLASIO: Yes, he did.


DE BLASIO: He got -- stop, he got the cops first from Albany, the money from the cops. He did it, it's fact.

HANNITY: OK. And Rudy implemented it, and was called a racist.

DE BLASIO: And then Bloomberg, and then me. But here's the thing. Six years in a row, crime goes down. We've improved relationship between police and community.

We've done things that that have not done before that bonded police and community together. We've retrained the entire police force and we've added 2,000 more officers on patrol. Those are the facts.

HANNITY: I'm going to say this. I'm never going to agree with you. You drive me crazy and you don't answer questions, you know -- you duck a lot. But thank you for coming in.

And I take very seriously those men and women. That's my family appear this is our city. I want every person in the city protected. I want you protected.

By the way, you should rethink every single New Yorker should have the means to protect themselves with a weapon because you have a--

DE BLASIO: You have a finest police force in America.

HANNITY: You have the best security in America.

BLASIO: They have the finest police force in America and we're going to keep making it stronger and stronger.

HANNITY: All right. You're not going to raise my taxes. Great, I'm going to have to pay more taxes. If you become President--

BLASIO: So kids going to have pre-k.

HANNITY: You want to steal my money?

BLASIO: Kids can have pre-k. So people can have it elsewhere.


HANNITY: I can use my money away anywhere. I don't need it. Up next, the Mayor will weigh in on his party's favorite new socialists proposal The Green New Deal and I'll press him. Wait till you see the exchange we had on abortion. I'll ask him also about his plan to ban glass and steel to build New York City buildings straight ahead.


HANNITY: So we covered a lot of ground with Mayor De Blasio. We get right back into our interview where I asked the Mayor to explain his party's extreme abortion agenda whether he thinks there should be any restrictions on the procedure at all. Pretty simple question. Does he answer it? Take a look.

HANNITY: Okay. Now, we have a lot of controversial issues. Do you support any restrictions on abortion?

BLASIO: Look: --

HANNITY: Oh, that's a simple question.

BLASIO: It's a simple answer. I believe in Roe V. Wade, I believe this decision to attain a women and a doctor.

HANNITY: Right, but where it's gotten controversial is for example in Virginia when you have a bill proposed that would allow during birth dilation abortions and a Governor of Virginia that said, well, first we are going to birth the baby and make the baby comfortable hang on then we'll let the mother decide. Do you support any restrictions on abortion? That's a simple question.

BLASIO: It's a simple answer. I believe in Roe V. Wade under choice: --

HANNITY: Roe V. Wade looks at the back to the stage.

BLASIO: Again, what you're going to do and I respects that this is your job. I have a job to do you're your job is you try and make this sometimes a cartoon and--

HANNITY: Not at all.

BLASIO: --I'm trying to tell what this is about women's rights to choose which is under attack.

HANNITY: Okay. I have many - I live in New York. I have many friends that are Democrats and consider themselves pro-choice. But, for example, do you think a woman in the ninth month putting aside health, putting aside life of the mother; do you support any restrictions until the baby is born? That's a simple question.

BLASIO: No, I believe it's a smoke screen because it doesn't happen in America. We didn't make this choice. It's a sacred choice for women.

HANNITY: There are now ten states that are debating whether or not you could have them--

BLASIO: A sacred choice for women.

HANNITY: Ten that are allowing people to have an abortion up until the moment of birth. Do you support that?

BLASIO: Listen, here's the problem with this whole discussion.

HANNITY: We want answer.

BLASIO: No. The problem is that women make this choice. It's a very difficult choice; it's a very personal choice. What we need to respect is that's not a choice any women want to make.

HANNITY: 8 months into pregnancy.

BLASIO: And the law overwhelmingly Americans believe in protecting right to choose--

HANNITY: I'm asking you believe you want to be President. 8 months into pregnancy--

BLASIO: I told you what I believe and I'm not--

HANNITY: I don't understand your answer.


HANNITY: Here is my simple question. 8 months into pregnancy, should a woman be allowed legally to have an abortion?

BLASIO: Again, I've told you I believe woman's right to choose. This is a smoke screen. I'm not answering your way. I'm answering my way.

HANNITY: Okay. Let's move on. I want to ask you The Green New Deal. Let's go through the yes or no's first and then I'll let you expand on it. I know you've said about buildings. We aren't going to build it with glass and we are not going to build them with, what do you call it, glass and steel.

BLASIO: Glass and steel. There you go.

HANNITY: I do this for a living.

BLASIO: Okay, say.

HANNITY: And so I told you little bit about my background. We got a little talk before we came on air. That's 20 so much years in my life blue color. My dad worked for the City of New York as a family corroboration guy. My mom was a prison guard. All my family were New York City cops, only two were FBI guys. I was the lost sheep of the family.

As I look at that, I think, okay, you are going to tax the hell out of people that want to build with glass and steel, and you're going to put the restrictions on it. My mind goes to my friends. My friends that are cops, firemen, steelworkers, plumbers, electricians--

BLASIO: Are you concerned about people having jobs?

HANNITY: No. What I'm concerned about your plan will prevent tall buildings from being built in this city.

BLASIO: That is not true at all.

HANNITY: But it is going to cost more according to your own words.

BLASIO: It's very clear Sean. You want to build a skyscraper you can still build a skyscraper? And we want people to look all over New York City.

HANNITY: Sign the dotted line.

BLASIO: There you go. All over New York City you see cranes, you see construction workers, you see a lot of employment. I believe in that. On my watch, again, 500,000 new permanent jobs and a huge number of construction jobs.

HANNITY: That not answer my question.

BLASIO: No, I'm coming to it. So what we say is you can't build the buildings that we used to build that create a huge amount of green house gas emissions. We need be build buildings at a clean. There is a huge amount of work in that. We need buildings to be retrofitted we are going to train workers to do that.

HANNITY: Who is going to pay for it? Who is going to pay for the retrofit?

BLASIO: The building owners when they get the retrofit make the money back over time because they do not spend as much on energy.

HANNITY: Do you know how much retrofitting could cause the building in New York? Millions.

BLASIO: And that's what we need.

HANNITY: And you know and I think they're going to do because I always say that corporations don't pay taxes, the pass it on the consumers. They are going to raise the rent unless of course you confiscate the building which you said you might do if they raise rent.

BLASIO: No, no. Wait, we didn't say anything like that.

HANNITY: But if they are going to raise the rent on peoples so the people are going to pay for the retrofit.

BLASIO: We are going to demand of building owners, build green, stop the greenhouse gas emissions that are killing all of us. I know you care about your children, your grandchildren. I care about my children, their grandchildren.

HANNITY: About everyone in the city.

BLASIO: So we cannot go on this way. We need a Green New Deal and one of the key things is to make sure buildings don't emit what they are used to now that means a lot of jobs for people to fix those building retrofit those buildings. Build them green and - I assume and I know--

HANNITY: It's going to cost more.

BLASIO: Those building owners are doing very well, can handle the upfront cost and they make it back because retrofit--

HANNITY: You say as if these people have unlimited resources there are some people that I know that own apartments that would have lost money apartments. There are people that I know that own buildings that have lost many buildings.

BLASIO: I believe you, but this is something where you make the money back. But here's the option. If we don't do something, this earth is in great danger. We're in the city--

HANNITY: How many years do we have left? How dangerous is?

BLASIO: It's very dangerous. I believe the U.N. estimate is 12 years before we do with much deeper problems.

HANNITY: What the hell we're looking going for? Let's throw a big party if it's only 12 years we have left?

BLASIO: Let's get to work. The Green New Deal gives us that opportunity.

HANNITY: If you are going to eliminate steel and glass and there's going to be tens and millions--

BLASIO: Not eliminate it. We say if you don't put the retrofits in--

HANNITY: You got to punish it.

BLASIO: --put the retrofits in. If you want steel and glass build more green--

HANNITY: Millions more.

BLASIO: --build it green.

HANNITY: Okay, that means that everyone who rents those rooms or rent those offices or rent those departments are going to pay more. My question is do you have an alternative--

BLASIO: Do you want us to do nothing?

HANNITY: There are other materials that you can use besides steel and glass--

BLASIO: I'm not the expert on building materials. But there's a lot of innovation out there.

HANNITY: We can't use tooth picks and trees. No we can't use trees.

BLASIO: No. Sean, status quo is not working. The earth is in more and more endangered. Sandy you saw what Sandy did hurricane Sandy in New York City. Look at it we've $40 plus billions in damage. Thousands of lives lost. We have to change. This is why buildings are one of the biggest emitters out there. We have to do something about this law in the New York City is the toughest.

HANNITY: Give me the materials. What are the alternative materials?

BLASIO: I will happily get you a list of building materials.

HANNITY: You don't have the list?

BLASIO: But the point I'm making to you is we do the status quo, we are endangering the future of this city and this nation.

HANNITY: Okay, so that means tens and hundreds of millions of dollars and the additional cost to build a new building and retrofit an old building, those costs will be put on the residents of New York?

BLASIO: So you want to do nothing?

HANNITY: I didn't say I want to do nothing.

BLASIO: So why you're giving me an answer. What do you want to do?

HANNITY: I don't buy into this U.N. hysteria but that's the something--

BLASIO: You don't think there is global warming?

HANNITY: I think there is absolutely issues. We need to be good stewards of our environment and by being good stewards. But on the other hand, we have to understand something. The lifeblood of America's economy?

BLASIO: You're not answering.

HANNITY: Follow the bouncing box.

BLASIO: Do you believe global warming or not? Do you believe we have a problem?

HANNITY: Here's what I'm telling you. If the lifeblood - follow me and you're going to get your answer. The lifeblood of every economy in this world is oil, gas and coal. Now in the New Green Deal, in ten years, it says it wants to eliminate all use of oil, gas, and coal. Do you support that?

BLASIO: I support us as quickly as possible--

HANNITY: Not answering again.

BLASIO: --you not even let the sentence finish. First of all you didn't answer so I'll start then I'll give you.

HANNITY: I'll make a deal with you. When I'm running for President, and you get your own show you get to ask the questions. On my show I'll ask the questions.

BLASIO: But Sean, you guess you don't have an honest opinion on?

HANNITY: I have an honest opinion. My job is to ask you questions.

BLASIO: Do you believe in global warming or not?

HANNITY: You want to be President?


HANNITY: Okay, answer my question.

BLASIO: You say global warming--

HANNITY: I will ask you again. Oil and gas are the life part of our economy.

BLASIO: We have to move off fossil fuels. We have to make sure people on those industries--

HANNITY: How long would you ban it?

BLASIO: As quickly as possible. We have to make sure people in those industries get job.

HANNITY: New Green Deal says ten years?

BLASIO: Get off fossil fuels--

HANNITY: How many years?

BLASIO: --but get people in those industries job in the green as quickly as possible.

HANNITY: So linger didn't work out all the Green New Deals of Obama didn't work out.

BLASIO: So wait a minute. You are saying to me that you don't believe in global warming?

HANNITY: I'm saying to you just the opposite. I'm saying to you we should be good stewards of our environment--

BLASIO: And what do you want to do different?

HANNITY: I'm recognizing the truth that you failed to recognize, that every economy in the world is run on oil, gas, coal, and coal. And if America gets off it, as the Green New Deal that you support has, in ten years, you will watch the greatest depression in the quickest period of time, and it will destroy Americans.

BLASIO: So is Germany: --

HANNITY: They import natural gas from that idiot Putin.

BLASIO: Germany that has moved to renewable--

HANNITY: No, they haven't.

BLASIO: Yes. They have. And they are--

HANNITY: Merkel just signed a $7 billion deal to make Russia rich again.

BLASIO: Question is, and you know what--

HANNITY: This is not your show again. It's my show. See what it says up to your "Hannity" doesn't say De Blasio. I asked that question. You want to be President right?

BLASIO: I want to be really clear we have to get off fossil fuels because it's causing global warming.

HANNITY: How many years?

BLASIO: I wanted it to be fast as possible.

HANNITY: How long around ten fifteen thirty?

BLASIO: There is the bottom line. We can turn to renewable. We can create jobs in renewable. We can protect our children and grandchildren.

HANNITY: So you think you can - what you are saying is that you think we can transfer our dependence on oil, gas, coal, and transmission to renewable. My question is what are they renewable and how much do they cost?

BLASIO: Right now I look at the equation the other way around. The renewable are wind power, solar power, hydro, geothermal--

HANNITY: We have a lot of room for wind power in New York. Where you are going to put it in the middle of Hudson?

BLASIO: Well you can put in long town which is what people are talking about.

HANNITY: We can put it near the Kennedy Compound.

BLASIO: The bottom line is these are technologies that are working all over the world. If we don't change quick we are in a lot of danger. I care about what's going to happen to the future generations and I do not like what I see. These weather events do not mistakes, Sean. This stuff is flooding the wild fires, it is happening because of global warming. We can't go on this way.

HANNITY: In the 70s, you can look at Time Magazine and it said that the new Ice Age is coming. Then it was in the 80s the world is overheating. Then it's now this generality of that is climate change with fits every climate condition even Ocasio-Cortez, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the Chief of Staff said Green New Deal had nothing to do with climate change, it's about an agenda a socialist agenda.

When we come back, more Bill De Blasio, including something he recently implemented in New York. And he challenged me on it's called Meatless Mondays. I decided we should have a bet. I will show you next.


HANNITY: All right, moments ago I pressed New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio on his big government agenda and even had him explain his support for Meatless Mondays for students. Take a look.

I want to go over two more issues and then you should go out and buy me a drink. By the way, you're not going to like get rid of - can we put salt back on the tables in New York you might why did Mayor Bloomberg take away salt shakers from the tables? I'm a big guy. I'm a smart guy. I'd like to make that decision on my own. I don't drink big gulps but don't you think people should have the choice to drink them if they want to drink them?

BLASIO: I actually believe in freedom but I think there are some very--

HANNITY: Thank you!

BLASIO: --I want you to know--

HANNITY: You don't want big gulps?

BLASIO: No listen, but there are some very common sense things we do. No, listen. You don't make it easy for a kid to drink a huge amount of soda. They want to buy soda, they can buy soda, but they don't buy the amount of the soda that's going to keep making them obese this doesn't make sense.

HANNITY: Mr. Mayor, I ran the streets. My parents had no clue where I was growing up in long Island. And do you know what I did with the money I made I hung out on a candy store I ate crap, I went to McDonald's.

BLASIO: You and I grew up probably somewhat similar times. We didn't have the obesity problem we have today.

HANNITY: I ate McDonald's, I ate pizza.

BLASIO: Did you see the amount of kids dealing with obesity back then? I did not. Something happened and we got to address it. More and more fast food, it's not good, it's not healthy for the country. By the way do you care about national security?


BLASIO: Then you want a healthy country. You do not want to--

HANNITY: I work out like --I do mix martial arts 90 minutes a day.

BLASIO: Right, but you care--

HANNITY: And up by the way, you have every right to go to Brooklyn 8 miles away to do your stupid workout. That was stupid. I'm defending you. So you tweeted one day about me. You said - it's actually pretty funny, I laugh when I say.

BLASIO: It's a quality tweet.

HANNITY: All right, you are wanting Meatless Mondays in school right?


HANNITY: Okay. You know how I know "Hashtag Meatless Mondays" is a good idea? Because our students love it and at Sean Hannity hates it. That was pretty funny I like that, because I do hate it. I don't want the government telling me--

BLASIO: And our students do love it.

HANNITY: Okay, are you willing to put money on that?

BLASIO: Oh, yes.

HANNITY: Okay let's have a bet. You name the amount I make a lot more than you do? So here's what I would say, let's let every kid in every New York school vote. I say McDonald's Monday, Taco--

BLASIO: No. Come on.

HANNITY: Taco Tuesday. Slow down. Wendy's Wednesdays. Hang on.

BLASIO: You really are a threat to society.

HANNITY: Pizza Turkey Thursdays and KFC Fridays.

BLASIO: A lot of parents listening to you right now, you're losing viewers right now among parents. Let me tell you.

HANNITY: I don't eat that every day, I wish I could, I will blow up like a balloon and it won't be able on the site. Here's my bet though, that's my menu I'm going to offer and the kids can vote on my menu and they can vote on your menu. You name the price after every New York City student votes, I'll give whatever amount you want to bet to your charity and if you win and you give that amount to my charity.

BLASIO: So the substantive truth, let's just actually get do this.

HANNITY: I'm going to win.

BLASIO: By doing this, we are helping kids to be healthier. We've got an obesity problem in our country.

HANNITY: I don't have a problem with that. I don't have a problem with kids: --BLASIO: If kids were given one day, try this option the other days they got the other option, it's balanced.

HANNITY: Okay. So in Pizza you don't have a problem with it in school?

BLASIO I'm a believer in Pizza.

HANNITY: I hate cauliflower Pizza. I'm afraid to admit it with extra cheese. People that get my age just don't burn it off like you used to.

BLASIO: Thank you for your confession.

HANNITY: I don't eat McDonald's a lot. I don't eat McDonald's a lot. I want kids to exercise more. I want more athletics. Schools aren't cutting it. It's got to be the parents.

BLASIO: When we were coming up they did the President's competition, the athletics, you threw the football through the tire, and your member all that?

HANNITY: Yes, of course.

BLASIO: I think we got to refocus kids on physical activities.

HANNITY: I'll help you with that.

BLASIO: We got to refocus them on physical activity, we got to a have give them have a healthier diet. There is a lot. But I really emphasize reaching kids that--

HANNITY: But you know they would pick my diet over yours?

BLASIO: Reaching kids young with these kind of things helps a lot.

HANNITY: But you know they would pick my diet over yours.

BLASIO: So you want a bunch of kids deciding the fate of their diet? Is that what you want?

HANNITY: The answer to your question--

BLASIO: I'm speaking as a parent.

HANNITY: I'm speaking as a parent.

BLASIO: I'm speaking as a parent.

HANNITY: All right, when we come back, some final thoughts and wow, one thing we didn't show you. Straight ahead.


HANNITY: All right, we saved one piece of tonight's interview with Mayor de Blasio. He reacts to President Trump's successful record in comparison to Obama and Biden's failed record. That, you're going to want to see.

By the way, I have a message for all your 2020 candidates. Come on the program. We will give you a fair shake. And you can get it -- reach more people than any other show on cable. Let not your heart be troubled.

Laura Ingraham, I never like to be late. We'll never be the media mob either. Hi.

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