'Big Brother' Bloomberg

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BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: God only gave you a certain number of breaths, so you shouldn't waste them doing exercise like that.

You know, Mayor Bloomberg, one of my favorite people who charged 230 bucks to smoke in a hotel room, has now come out with a New York City obesity task force plan, which among other things, would say everybody exercise, and then do away with sodas? Do away with Snapple.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Nobody drinks that.

BECKEL: Sugar. I drink that. Salt. Everybody is going to get skinny at one time.

Now, Mayor, let me just tell you something, buddy, everybody doesn't have to be skinning because there's reports out that exercise is bad for a lot of people. And I agree with that. OK?

So, why don't you stay out of our lives? We can drink sodas if we want to drink sodas. W cannot run if we don't want to run and we ought to be able to smoke in hotel rooms around this if it wasn't for you.


GUILFOYLE: Oh, my gosh.

BOLLING: The other Beckel, you know, the liberal, would say we'll socially engineer your life. We'll tell you what to eat, what to smoke, what not to do, how to spend your money. You don't like this one -- you found one you don't, a rule?

BECKEL: Yes, I did. I speak for a lot of obese people.


This is what Mayor Bloomberg has done over the last 500 years he's been mayor. Stop smoking in parks, no cell phones in school, block sugar drinks as he has done for the fast food places.

He's also blocked sugar drinks at vending machines in schools, he banned trans fats from restaurants. It's incredible. I went to diet.

Did we elect Jack LaLanne or Mayor Bloomberg? He is not in that good of shape.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: By the way, Brian, don't forget -- you can't donate food unless it's healthy to homeless people.

KILMEADE: The homeless people.

TANTAROS: He'd rather have homeless people starve in New York City.


TANTAROS: Do away with sugar. Do away with all of that stuff. How about doing away with Mayor Bloomberg? Oh, wait, we can't. He spent money and changed the law on that one.

BECKEL: Let me say one thing, Mayor, if you take Ho Hos away, you're a dead man.

TANTAROS: But here's the question that I want to ask Bloomberg -- what's the bigger threat now to the republic? Really? Is it a venti caramel macchiato, Brian, or is it venti frappuccino? And, by the way, where does the shamrock shake stand in all of this?

KILMEADE: I'm not really sure. But half of New York City evidently is overweight or flat-out obese.

GUILFOYLE: But where? I don't see that. I got to tell you. People are rocking it. They're in shape and moving fast. Very competitive environment.

BECKEL: I feel out of place here. You are in good shape. Do you do stuff?

BOLLING: I don't really partake in that. Let's be honest. There's a rule in New York where the chain restaurants have to put the calorie counts of the food, of the menu on back of the menu. I think that's OK.

TANTAROS: But the rest of it is hopefully stupid. You have to question what the priorities are of people in office. And I'll tell you what? It's not going to stop here.

BECKEL: OK, I got to get out of here. What are we doing next here?

GUILFOYLE: Recap Edwards.

BECKEL: "One More Thing" -- sorry, it's something else on the prompter and I don't read well, so --

KILMEADE: Yes, you do.

BECKEL: -- because I'm slightly obese, Mayor.

TANTAROS: No, you're not.

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