Bernie Marcus: Everything Trump does is a job creator

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, the president saying he's learning a lot and that this is a tough job 100 days in, a very tough job, a lot harder than he thought it would be.

Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus with us.

You know, Bernie, I found that a fascinating revelation on the part of Donald Trump, who is -- despite the rap he gets, is a very reflective, soul-searching guy. And, of course, the presidency can have you be that kind of guy. But what did you make of that?

BERNIE MARCUS, CO-FOUNDER, HOME DEPOT: Well, no, I think he -- I think he-- he's going to accomplish a lot. He's a businessman. He's a bottom line-oriented guy.

And, I mean, this preoccupation with the first 100 days is over the top, as far as I'm concerned.


CAVUTO: By the way, Bernie, don't forget to watch our 100-day special tomorrow.

But go ahead.



MARCUS: But, Neil, Neil...

CAVUTO: No, you're right, you're right.

MARCUS: Every -- yes, but think about it. Every day, he's doing something else.

And, for instance, today, he got away with the executive order, killed the executive order on deep sea drilling. Now, you know what that means for America? It means...

CAVUTO: Absolutely.

MARCUS: I mean, I don't know, hundreds of thousands of jobs, number one. And, number two, it goes a long way to giving us oil independence.

CAVUTO: To say nothing of all the memoranda on regulations, period, that already will save a lot of money, right?

MARCUS: Oh, my God, yes.

He's had 29 executive orders. I think Bush had nine or 10. Obama had 19. Most of them were job killers. Everything he does is a job creator.

And I'm so proud of him, Neil, because nobody is talking about this. I want to talk about this. You know I have been involved with Job Creators Network.


MARCUS: We're concerned about the small business guys.

Let me give you some numbers. There's 30 million small businesses in the United States. That means your pizza parlor, the restaurant you go to. You know a typical restaurant that does a fairly good business has 100 people working for them.

There are about 70 million people working for small businesses in the United States. And they basically drive the growth. Seventy percent of the jobs that are created in America are going to be created by small businesses. And the last eight years has seen a steady decline in new people going into business.

There's a lot of reasons for it. The guts that he had at presenting this tax bill, it's the first time I have heard anybody say is a flow-through here, it's not a corporate tax, it's a tax for everybody who is in business, and how critically that is.

You know, the corporations can deal and have a great way of writing off everything. The small business guy gets killed. He's paying between 25 and 40 percent in taxes, which means, number one, he doesn't reinvest in his business. Number two, he doesn't create jobs.

So, this 15 percent -- and it could be 15, it could be 20. I don't know what it will end up to be.

CAVUTO: But it has to get passed or it has to go through.

Are you optimistic that this will, and the back and forth just among Republicans will cease, and they will get it done?

MARCUS: OK, let me tell just you about Republicans.

CAVUTO: Real quick.

MARCUS: In Georgia, we talk about there's no pill for dumb.

There's no question in my mind, if they don't pass the tax bill and they don't get rid of the Obamacare, they're not going to be in office anymore.

And you know every politician out there, the most important thing in his life is being reelected.

And I'm telling you, they will not be reelected if they don't get these things done. They know it, and the president has the power of going after these guys that don't cooperate.

I -- and I think he's crazy if he doesn't. They have to come with a plan.

CAVUTO: All right.

MARCUS: It makes sense -- as long as it makes sense, as long as it works, and we can do it intelligently.

CAVUTO: We shall see.

Bernie Marcus, good seeing you again, my friend.

MARCUS: All right.

CAVUTO: All right.


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