Before We Realize It, Life's Over...

War rages on in the Middle East.

A heat wave grips much of the country.

Rising gas prices hit motorists.

The Discovery space shuttle safely lands.

And my friend and neighbor Jeff formally says goodbye. He died a couple of days ago. His funeral today. Succumbing after a nearly five-year-long, on-and-off again battle with cancer.

On a day rockets flared, and others landed.

Tempers mounted, and stocks whipsawed.

Jeff said goodbye.

A good and decent man, who lived his life with dignity, his family with compassion, and his illness with class.

He's gone. We're all still here.

Still fighting. And raging, shouting, and worrying. A snapshot day in a snapshot week, in a snapshot life that passes all too quickly.

Before we realize, it is over. All over.

And no doubt we wonder what all the fuss was about.

I suspect my friend Jeff knew, even alive, the things that mattered most in life, were not the crises that grip us, but the family and friends that keep us.

He had plenty of those.

And seemed to fret little else.

It just struck me as odd leaving a church this day in a world filled with so much noise, that Jeff could put it all in not saying a thing, at all.

That was Jeff. That, I suspect, is life.


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