Bears fear new recession on the horizon


Dow Falls Into Correction Territory as Economy Adds 292,000 Jobs in December

Gary B. Smith: Every sign that I look at points to a really nasty year. I mean just to even look at the jobs report and that great number, wages were actually done from November. The labor force participation rate is like it was in the 70s. It's just horrible. It's just across the board. One item after another. Oil prices in my mind are signaling a lack of demand.

John Layfield: Yeah, that's our problem for the participation. It's the worst week ever and 1897 might have been the worst since 1929. Now, I am not splitting the hairs here, but those were not good years by the way. I am not sure that's going to happen by the way. The labor force and jobs and how that works is that you have a lot of jobs created and that's good. You have 500,000 people in the workforce and that's also good. However, that depresses the wages and they do not have to pay more to add to the workforce. 10 million jobs are created and 30 million into food stamps and it's awful here. We're at a t here of where we're going to o go and with a political election coming up, nothing is going to happen in dc. We're at a four year low, and nothing is happening and this is not it.

Suzy Welch: I am with Gary and John on this. Unfortunately the answer is yes. Probably we're heading into another recession. This is another scary part to me. I am not sure that we're out of the last recession. Maybe technically we were. You name that about the American families do not have $500 on hand for emergency. How about a poll in November says that 15 percent of Americans consider them underemployed or out of work or having part time work and looking for full time. That's crazy. Everybody knows one or two people that are underemployed. The problem is at home. The problem is here and it's choking American business and cost and productivity. In the eight years in the bush administration there were 76 regulations. It's suffocating.

Jonas Max Ferris : Well, if you're going call the recession because the average American does not have two nickels, you can do it. This goes back to the late '90s and the person did not have anything. If you take out the finances workers it's under 600. This is not just poor people make it 100 to $150,000 a year. They can't come to $2,000. Americans would like to spend money, and that's why we beat a country like japan where people save a lot of money. This is the reason. If we're going to have a session, it's the drill session and drilling around the world and back by default.

Larry Glazer: No question because it's better than expected. That does not sell the whole story. It's definitely not throwing away and it's not in the past like the Reagan administration and it's twice the rate as today. Wage was not existence and part times jobs are replacing the full time jobs. This is an economy that's limping along and it's been saved by a giant tax guy. It saved the worker. This is a terrible economy and it's not where it should be. They never escaped, but cannot go out of a basement window and then there are better times in part because of low gas prices.

White House Launching Task Force to Fight Terrorists Online Propaganda

Suzy Welch: I think this is such a Washington solution to a real life problem. By Washington I mean slow. I am not against the task force and sometimes they come up with the ideas. Let's give them a two week deadline and move them along. More than anything to me, this is a "show me the money" moment. This is when we reallocate the resources and doing things like finding ways to sort of increase the parts per million and all of the things that the regulations are doing and take that money and put it on the training and surveillance. The task force becomes business and all talk and no action. Thank God he is going to live and it's not the tragic ending and it's going to happen again unless we get down and really put some real money. Not just task force were but the money behind the training and surveillance. It's got to be more.

Jonas Max Ferris: If ISIS is today's threat, we have to take it out. That kind ever of money has to get reallocated to the threat. It's hard to ask all of the tech companies to do the spying on it. Maybe do the internet that the government provides. Since it's from the government, we can track everybody. Cannot look at dirty pictures or so I have heard. It's an expensive allocation and creative thinking that's going to be needed and task force and asking Google to do it for us.

Gary B. Smith: I guess that's a good point. My side is that that's not private industry's role. This is the government's role. I think that Jonas has hit the nail on the head. We're fighting yesterday's wars. We have 50 people -- only 50 -- on the Pentagon's ISIS command team. What war are we fighting here? I think that this is ridiculous. We're on the cusp of a new world war -- World War III here. We're fighting dumb laws or old ones. We need to reallocate -- you see Donald Trump saying that we need to put together a task force. We need some leadership in the Oval Office rights now, and we sure do not have it.

John Layfield: We spent tens of millions of dollars sending free Cuba TV to free the island. This is an ignorant solution. It says as soon as he was talking about and that's what to expect. These guys cannot run anything. These guys did not t know that Mrs. Clinton had a private server. I tell you what you do, download and find the computer hacker and have them hire one of those guys and give them a bounty. That will solve the problem. Those guys can get it done.

Larry Glazer: It's like an election year to avoid the hardware of what needs to be done in the Middle East. Before it gets over here, we have to get to the heart and solve the problems with respect to everyone involved.

Retiring Commander of US Southern Command Calls Gitmo Detainees 'Bad Guys'

John Layfield: I will go to the decision and one of the dumbest things that we have heard. We have heard them go from Gitmo and back to the battlefield. If these guys have one day left in the life, do not let them see the light of day.

Larry Glazer: How foolish and they will go off to the sun set and hang out and never be heard from again. Of course they're going to come back.

Suzy Welch: President Obama is in full legacy mode and there's a campaign promise. You can just see the president's last State of the Union or announces and I promise to close it when we close and then he gets the big round of applause and then the standing ovation. It's a crazy decision and it's about to do can a campaign promise. Does not make sense.

Jonas Max Ferris: I agree with Gen. Kelly. Some should be killed on the battlefield and others let go. That whole navel base needs to be shut down. Cannot have a prison that you can run generators to get power because we do not get it from Cuba. Put it where it's cost affective and kill the other ones and release the rest.

Gary B. Smith: We cannot put the prison elsewhere right now. We know that 30 percent of them reengage. Anybody have a better solution, let's do it. Right now there's none. We need to keep it.

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